Saturday, July 1, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Workout Shoes and Tips for Buying Them

Surprise! This Running Girl doesn't like to shop!

A hole in my running shoes...miles and happens...

A year after I started my weight loss journey, I got active. My first choice of workout probably shouldn't have been running, but that's exactly what it was. At the introductory class, we met, got fitted for shoes and, yup, sports bra, clothing, socks. I was ready my first I thought. By the time we finished one half-mile track, I thought I was dying and we walked almost all of it! That is why I encourage everyone starting a weight loss routine, get active at the same time even if it's walking to the mailbox or further.

Getting fitted for shoes is very important. I have taken all my boys and my mother since that night of getting fitted the first time. Finding the right shoe for your feet makes a difference in your step, balance, and surprisingly makes a difference with the hips and knees. I wear my running shoes every day, seven-days a week, regardless if I am working out, running, walking or doing daily tasks. I want the best shoes for my feet possible so that I can have happy, safe feet for a long time. I will share another reason why this is important to me before I close.

For me, a good fitting shoe, fits snug around my foot with a bit of wiggle room for my toes. I don't want anything tight around my foot, especially at the toes. I want the length and width proper for my feet as well. Two other areas of the shoe are important for me and they are flexibility of the shoe and road impact. I want cushion between my feet and the floor or road. I don't want to feel so much of the surface against my feet. However, one of my friends, loves to wear the toe-shoes to run. I want some flex in my shoes as well because I do speed training and walk backwards on the treadmill.

There are other factors to consider and questions to be asked. Do you need inserts? Does your foot tend to turn in or out? Is one foot smaller than the other? The best way to answer all your questions and concerns is to be fitted by a specialty store that has a variety of brands of running shoes. They will put you on a treadmill and video the process. Then you can see your walk and/or run in process and actually know what your step looks like. Afterwards, a couple of shoes will be recommended for you. Ask for discounts following the fitting as well. The store I usually purchase my shoes from will take their customers outside and try to the shoes as well give so many days of return even if used. My trail running shoes came from a specialty shop as well and are a different brand from my usual running shoes.

I hope this has helped in giving you direction in a simplistic way of shopping. I call my buddy at the store I frequent and they have my shoes ready. I am not much of a shopper, but I do have to be fitted ever so often because at my age, my body and feet have changed.

 In 2014, I had to have reconstructive surgery on both feet. The bones in my feet separated due to the weight I had carried around. My feet went down a size and narrowed as a result of the surgery. I have had no pain from the surgery and it has been a great experience. I had to learn to run and pretty much walk all over again. Since January 2015, my mileage is up to thirty-one miles. I am thankful for the positive experience in having great running shoes...and socks, love my running socks too!

Shoes are important. The best investment you can make is great, comfortable running shoes even for everyday. They will last and take care of your feet.

Your feet is like your car...
Take care of them and they will take care of you!

Hugs, Rita


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