Monday, July 17, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Key Ring of Encouragement...


There is no easy way to begin this writing. I want to end it with a great way to be encouraged and to have faith in what your are doing, the goals you are pressing for and believing in yourself. However, I have to begin with why this particular key ring or key chain, if you will, is important. I have never shared this key ring with anyone, but it has gone everywhere with me. 

When I was unsure of the situation, saw someone that I was a bit concerned would burst my happy bubble, say something discouraging, or just needed a positive word or a scripture to encourage me, I would pull this out and hold it, read it or just carry it. I didn't put my faith in a key ring or the cards as a lucky charm, I put my faith in the words, in God, and slowly, still working on it, in myself.

I wrote a post about index cards and writing quotes, scripture, and thoughts to encourage you in the same way. Finding various ways to do this is important to get you through life-changing situations and crises so that you grow during these journeys we otherwise would rather not face at all. Growing is the key, if we let ourselves grow, then we will come out strong and better people. I found this to be true regardless what I have experienced. 

Thus, the key ring. When my husband left, I needed a new home church. He was staying at his family church and I knew that God wanted me to move on so He lead me to a church I had never been to before. The whole experience of going my first Sunday is so funny, but I will save it for another time. I went to Sunday School by myself and then on to Worship. During the opening, a group called "Divorce Care" popped up on the screen. I watched for it come back through and quickly wrote down the information. That night, I was there for the class. I started toward the end of the group, but OmyGoodness! Wow! I repeated the sessions that fall and was in awe of what I gained from the group members, our study guide and the leadership... 

Key Ring of Encouragement Directions

In the back of the study guide, I found a set of cards with scripture verses on one side and encouraging statements on the other. I cut them out, put them in self-stick plastic sheets found at any department office supply section, cut them half-inch from the card and punched a hole in the corner, added a key ring. 

Today, everything is much different than it was when my life forever changed. I never knew happiness could be like this. A friend text me the night that happened, saying she was going to be in town and wanted to meet for coffee. When we met, she was in awe of what had happened, but she said: "The chains have fallen, you are no longer in bondage to the past." She continued, "You have a choice to change it or continue living it." I decided that I would change my life. Healing has happened. The fear has been replaced with faith. Courage broke the chains. Freedom. Regardless how you stay focused, do it. Maybe it's a written word or a series of them. When you don't have anyone to encourage you, words can do that. Live the good words of this life, because the bad ones aren't worth the moment of memory.  Make your key ring of encouragement, then make one for a friend.


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