Monday, July 10, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Garrett's Hot Burgers...Yup, there is a story!

It isn't often that I hit the internet for answers much less social media. I do like to post random, fun questions on Facebook to get conversation going. It's fun to do that. When Garrett went to day camp last week, he reminded me on Tuesday, that he would need a lunch. Teasing, but knowing better, I asked, "So, you want a sandwich and maybe a couple of cookies, right?" He looked at me like I had grown another head. "Momma," he began, "I want chicken salad, a cinnamon roll, pickles, strawberries..." We moved from a sack lunch to a picnic!

The first day, I made him chicken salad (I realized that I need to post my NEWEST chicken salad recipe! But these are awesome), dill pickle chips, cinnamon roll, crackers, Gatorade, and some other things. The following day, it was sort of a repeat of day one, to which he commented, "Leftovers?" Only my son! A friend told me that at her house, they get what is there and they have to make do. I think I looked at her as if she had grown another head. I have always tried to have fun with food, lunches, meals and having good things on hand regardless if I weighed 450lbs or 142lbs. I want us to live healthy but to know there is more than PandB...

So, Garrett came home on day two telling me how Josh brought a hamburger. I was sure to thank his mom for that. So, I posted on Facebook, asking how I might keep a veggie burger hot for two-hours! I got fantastic ideas! I used them plus one.

Keeping two veggie bbq burgers hot for two-hours plus...
I took a hot/cold thermos and warmed it a bit with hot water, emptied it and dried it well just before adding the rest of my items. I heated the burgers well, placed them in individually in foil. Then I got a heating pad that I had several of because I use them in the winter to keep my hands warm while running. I placed it in the bottom of the thermos, thinking later, I should have put it between the burgers. Placed the lid on the thermos quickly and packed it in the "picnic" bag with tons of things to build a burger. I sent him plenty for lunch and told him to share, share, share. Bless my son!

The things we do for our kids, but more so for ourselves. I pick my battles and sack lunches bore me to tears. I use to pack lunches for my kids and put little notes inside with picture drawings. It was something fun. Whey make something simple when you can make something fun. Garrett makes my lunch on occasion and I have very interesting bags packed...heated shrimp and grits to a sandwich to large for my mouth. You never know what makes someone happy. If a heated burger picnic makes him happy...then that's what Momma Rita does.

Hugs, Rita


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