Wednesday, July 19, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Getting Active is TOOOO Expensive? Really!

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I think I can simply stop here. Not write another word. Getting active is not expensive. That in itself is just another excuse. Recently, it was such an honor to be featured for my weight loss. Since then, I have been stopped and messaged by so many making the decision to get healthy with weight loss and getting active. Some are just getting active who are at goal weight, but they realize things can go bad fast. One thing everyone I have met has said, "I won't forget your words, regardless of the whole interview...No excuses!" There are none.

Getting active is just another choice. One of the ladies I met this week, told me that she had been praying for a husband. She was bold enough to tell God that she wanted a man in her life. She started walking at a local park and this is what she prayed over and over. One day, a gentleman she had met out and about visited her church. He met her for one of the walks. They are married today and, I might add, they lost just over twenty-pounds in the process. It didn't cost them anything and they gained a whole lot more personally.

I'm not saying that you too will find your true love by walking and praying at the park, what I am saying is that you can find ways to get healthy for free. Parks have walking trails, perfectly safe with all types of activity on the grounds plus you can carry your phone. Then there are volunteer opportunities like Special Olympics. Call your local parks and recreation to see what opportunities they have available for all ages. They may need adults to help with children and teen programs. Our local group has senior programs, children, teens and a lunch bunch. There is even a square dancing group.

For me, I volunteer and participate with Special Olympics. I love this bunch. I haven't bowled in a while, but I take my son, Garrett, to all the activities they have to offer. Golf is his gift, but the various activities keep him active. They look for adults to play unified and just to interact with them. Garrett bowls on Monday, swims on Tuesday, golfs on Wednesday and depending on the season, we have bocce ball, horseback riding, basketball and run/walking the rest of the week. Garrett can't do these activities by himself, he need supervision and this is true for most of those who participate in Special Olympics. I am a terrible bowler with the nickname, "Gutter Girl," but I have fun and I am ever present with them. That is all they are looking for.

This morning, I was telling the class I lead to do eight exercises with vegetable cans before opening them for supper. While watching television, stand up and march during the commercials. When sitting down in a chair, load the heels and do four squats before actually sitting or going to a standing position. While waiting for an appointment, do leg lifts one at a time, let the people around you think you are crazy...they probably met me first lol! Anytime you have the opportunity practice crunches, overhead arm stretches, twist a jar with a ball. So many things you can do just while waiting. I think "Waiting" is the best workout opportunity ever!

The road is also free. Start walking. Speak to your neighbors, force yourself. Invite them to walk with you. It's a start to stepping out of those comfort zones. Who knows, you might meet your, "True Love, Your Prince Charming or Princess." Garrett said that while he was watching a movie the other day and I thought it was the sweetest thing. He will be my forever prince, my motivator to live a healthy lifestyle because I want to be around a long time to care for him. I am responsible for my choices and my decisions. I don't have to stand before anyone and give account for what you do or my neighbor does, I have to stand alone and be responsible. I want to live with the right decision, no regrets, no excuses.

What are using as an excuse to not be active?
Isn't it time to move it out of the way?
Why not throw it away and get moving?
What's holding you back...


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