Monday, July 24, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

The story of the Buttermilk Pie Recipe...Work for It!!! Seriously!

Buttermilk Pie from the #KitchenWithAHouseAttached

One day, out of the blue, my mother mentioned buttermilk pies. I had never heard of a buttermilk pie until that very moment. I was curious. I don't like buttermilk, never have and never will...BUT...there is something deliciously heavenly about baking with buttermilk. You can't taste it, can't reason with it, don't want to understand just know the difference when you cook with it. Everything is better when you something calls for milk...use buttermilk instead. So...I had to know...

I looked in my old cookbook collection and found a buttermilk recipe. I wrote down the ingredients and headed to the grocer. I found everything I needed plus a few other items and headed to the checkout. The guy in front of me had regular buttermilk and I had fat-free. I thought how cool is that. He was young so that caught my attention, but then so did the array of chocolate candy in front of me. Obviously, I have a short attention span. Hey, chocolate will love your thighs forever and a guy might not! I'm realistic.

It was only a second later he said, "You must be making a buttermilk pie." Seriously! I replied, "Yes, are you?" He told me he was. Bingo! No, not what you think, but I did give him my number (WINK, think is fun...) I asked him where he got his recipe because I was a bit overwhelmed with the one I had. He told me he used his grandmother's recipe. I asked him if I gave him my number would he text me a copy of the recipe. I told the cashier that she was the witness if he was dangerous, but said, "I seriously believe you are safe, because you are, one, buying buttermilk, two, you are baking your grandmother's buttermilk pie!" So, he texted me a photograph of a faded, well used index card with a recipe wrote out in what I imagined his grandmother wrote out in a blue inked pen from the buttermilk home delivery man from back in the day (Remember Pet Milk Company? I have a foggy memory of one). I've only heard from him one other time and that was the day after asking how the recipe turned out. I texted back a photo. That was about a year ago.

I made two pies this past weekend and shared them with friends. The pies taste nothing like buttermilk, but instead a bit sweet and the texture is a custard. My mother said that maybe cutting back on the sugar a bit would help. I do substitute the sugar with Splenda and honey, use fat-free buttermilk, gluten-free flour crust and substitute as much as I can to create a healthier dessert while satisfying not only my sweet tooth which is seriously my throne in the flesh and my thighs, thank you very much! Regardless, using the traditional recipe or creating your own...

...Work for it!
Go the extra mile before indulging in any treat!
Get a dog to encourage your a manual street bike!

Hugs, Rita


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