Saturday, December 12, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Life is laced with embellishments...

The need to create overwhelms me at times. When I am not creating, I find myself thinking about it. I dream of varied ideas and plan how to pull off a creation. I wake wishing I were in my studio already. With being sick the past two weeks, I have taken my journal and made some amazing altered pages. Creating is such a respite and relaxing opportunity for me. As I am making a gift, I think about that person and pray for them while creating. God just opens my soul to possibilities during this time. I love the positive aspect of that.

In this artwork, featured photo, I wanted to keep four packs of buttons from this design company. I thought I would frame them, but I found that wasn't enough. I needed, NEEDED, to embellish the whole project. I used more buttons from that same company and added them to the edges along with the needle and thread I had laced the buttons with. It will hang beautifully in my studio too.

Life is like that. Laced with embellishments, both positive and negative, it is how we look at each that makes life pleasant and peaceful or disrupted and shallow. Our family focuses on the positive aspects of life. However, if I dwell on the negative, that is who I become. If I focus on the positive and turn on my smile dripping in a bubbly personality, then each day is full of sunshine and the obstacles are so much easier to gracefully dance through.

Maybe this ties in well with this blog! Just as I broke the routine of my nightly regiment, you too can break the routine of being negative. Chose to be positive, smile, nod, rather than sour and...well, negative. You will look and feel ten years younger and that the weight of the worldly burdens are gone. God is good and this is the season to share that goodness and love.


Love and Blessings,

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