Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Random Thoughts about crochet, Jackson Pollock, jewelry, Jesus, knitting, & oatmeal...

Totally random ((Rita's Moment of Random Thoughts)), remember, I warned you...

Artist tips are fun to post on Twitter, but I find myself loaded with tips related to raising boys (the importance of having Ora-gel and Super Glue on hand) to cooking. There are many people out there with more wisdom than I could hold in my hand for life experiences make each of us that way on any given subject.

One tip I shared on Twitter tonight is really great. Take an empty/clean oatmeal container, the round ones with a plastic lid, punch a hole in the top of the plastic lid and place the ball of yarn inside weaving the end of the yarn through the hole in the top. This keeps the yarn from rolling around plus gives you a new way to recycle while feeding the body a healthy hearty meal. See what I mean, "what goes around, comes around", as my friend Sherry use to say. Also, for the thin, tiny crochet thread I use for my beaded necklaces fit perfect in a butter bowl, simply using the same technique. My beaded thread fits perfectly into the bowl and I pull as needed.

Yarn is a wonderful art. I met a precious lady once who used yarn at a senior center to outline and fill-in coloring pages. Then she mounted them on cardboard and framed them. The art of knitting has been around far more centuries than can be recorded, but the earliest findings note socks being the reason for knitting ((makes sense)). Crochet didn't come around until the early 1800, I believe. It is more a decorative art than knitting. However, Knitting, which I consider practical, has a beautiful detail to it as well. Regardless, I could never learn to play the piano because I had to use two hands to do it, thus, knitting was never my gift. I tried, oh, I tried, but it never stuck, sadly to say.

Crochet...yarn into filet designs, doilies, afghans, baby items, clothing, scrafs, even fabric rugs...I can do well and fast. Using crochet in jewelry ((wire and thread)) has been a true enjoyment, but making baby blankets for Linus will be my treasured gift.

I am so glad that whatever our gift of art might be, that we have opportunities to use it to help others. I have always told my sons that we are to be others focused when that person is in need. Jesus met a person where they were, supplied their need before sharing with them the love of God. His actions spoke loader than His words, how much different are we today? Funny, Jesus still meets us where we are...

Jackson Pollock said, "Every good painter paints what he is." What are you painting each moment of every day as a reflection for others to see? I, indeed, pray it is good.

Love and Blessings,
Monday, August 24, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Possibilities with Crochet...

Possibilities. There are so many now that my life has yet taken another turn. Which path will I take? What will I do? The adventure is the path of possibilities for which I am ready to walk down. I am thankful for this opportunity too! =) For now, my crochet hook is running quickly from row to row as I work on my next baby blanket. Soon, it will be shipped off for the Linus touch and used for a baby that needs it desperatley. Another color then will be started for a teenager in distress. I am thankful for this time to use my artisan talent for others. Hmmm, I wonder if there are senior centers that I might could offer free lessons or lap afghans? Oh, the possibilities...

Love and Blessings,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

My laptop decor element...

Are these not adorable!!!
This was such an easy project. I added a daisy from the hostess line of Stampin' Up! to the top of my Acer Aspire One Laptop. it fit perfectly. Stampin' Up! has many items in the Decor Element collection. The prices are low and these are removable making them great for changing decor in your home or office, dorm, or simply for fun.

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Salt Lake City at 7 am. I am very excited and need this time of respite. It is with confusing feelings that I leave my dad at this time. He won't be with us much longer. He has so much trouble breathing and is under full Hospice care. My son, Joel, is recovering from surgery as well but is doing great. It is  little frightening to leave them. However, I realize I need girlfriend time...and a place to relax, renew, refresh, and remember. It will give me a chance to refocus as well. Setting my sights on the artistic goals and dreams that have only just begun. Being obedient to God's direction for this time of rest and renewal is something we all need to remember when we are caregivers. Not just to focus on our own interests, but to know that we have to be fully equipped to care.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and remember you are half way to the weekend, da'ling! Hang in there!!!

Love and blessings,

Sunday, August 2, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

What should this become?

Items taken from one form of media to another is something I love to do. Saturday, I went into this shop that has frilly girly accessories. The shop keeper offered me anythinig in the store at 20% off if I paid cash...I couldn't pass up the deal nor the price I got for this set. So, look at these photos and let me know what colors &/or design you think would be fun for this set - pendant and earrings. I can't wait to post them in a new style of jewelry...or whatever they may become.

Love, Blessings & {{{Hugs}}},

Beading Sample & Dreaming

This has been a productive Sunday! First thing this morning, my mother (both my parents live with us now) made homemade biscuits with syrup/butter to dip them in. There is no way I will ever succeed in shedding fluffy with her living here. LOL, but it was so umy!

Then I watched TV church of our worship service and a church live online with a chat room running along side of the screen. It was awesome! The other thing that was amazing was that both pastors were carrying almost the same message theme. God must need me to pay attention, don't you think? =)

Then I mowed our lawn (2 acres I might add) and cleaned a portion of the wooded area that will some day grow up to be a lovely walking trail. I usually like to mow the grass on Monday since it takes all day, it gives me a chance to put the mower in 1st gear and think about what I want to accomplish in my studio that week. I meditate, simply exist in the great outdoors, which is lovely all year long in the country.

Then I headed to the studio. After adding a small area for my rough work and storage for my metal shelving, I am ready to organize a bit. It is so exciting. I worked on my swap cards for for the artist convention and picked beads from my stash for a beaded bracelet (photo insert). I want to make one in greens and one in sandstone shades. I have yellow beading too, but haven't decided to use them yet. I love making this bracelet design. I will be sure to post the photos of the finished project. Also, I have strung beads for the crochet beaded necklace I will be making.

It is fun to create works of art. I love to make weird designs in the grass when I mow or place a bird feeder in a certain place that I know the birds will enjoy. I love eating homemade donates my mother made (which she did this evening) which are her own creation. It inspires me to watch and listen to my husband and sons sing or write their own music. Making a bed, preparing a cooked dish, arranging the table...all these are creative outlets. Which one is yours?

I have encouraged our sons to live their dreams, whatever they may be today or tomorrow. One has gone from wanting to be a lawyer to a professional musician to being a writer. Whatever each one has wanted to do with their life we have encouraged it, along with education of course. I wish someone had done that with me; so today, I am giving you permission to live your dreams. Start now planning where you will be in 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 months, 10 yrs. If you are not happy doing what you are doing 9-5, then make plans to live your dream. Take the prep time to decide what it is you really want to do, what will make you smile all the time, what will make you happy!

I smile all the time, regardless of the circumstance. I am bubbly, smart, and fluffaly adorable. I am also an the past year in caring for my father, I have come to realize that I am an artist and I have gained the self-confidence to move forward in that. I am using the time caring for my father to build my skils, knowledge, getting my studio ready, and so forth. You can too? What is your dream?

Happy week, love and blessings,
(Ps Sorry for the long blog, but I just had much to say...)
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