Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Random Thoughts about crochet, Jackson Pollock, jewelry, Jesus, knitting, & oatmeal...

Totally random ((Rita's Moment of Random Thoughts)), remember, I warned you...

Artist tips are fun to post on Twitter, but I find myself loaded with tips related to raising boys (the importance of having Ora-gel and Super Glue on hand) to cooking. There are many people out there with more wisdom than I could hold in my hand for life experiences make each of us that way on any given subject.

One tip I shared on Twitter tonight is really great. Take an empty/clean oatmeal container, the round ones with a plastic lid, punch a hole in the top of the plastic lid and place the ball of yarn inside weaving the end of the yarn through the hole in the top. This keeps the yarn from rolling around plus gives you a new way to recycle while feeding the body a healthy hearty meal. See what I mean, "what goes around, comes around", as my friend Sherry use to say. Also, for the thin, tiny crochet thread I use for my beaded necklaces fit perfect in a butter bowl, simply using the same technique. My beaded thread fits perfectly into the bowl and I pull as needed.

Yarn is a wonderful art. I met a precious lady once who used yarn at a senior center to outline and fill-in coloring pages. Then she mounted them on cardboard and framed them. The art of knitting has been around far more centuries than can be recorded, but the earliest findings note socks being the reason for knitting ((makes sense)). Crochet didn't come around until the early 1800, I believe. It is more a decorative art than knitting. However, Knitting, which I consider practical, has a beautiful detail to it as well. Regardless, I could never learn to play the piano because I had to use two hands to do it, thus, knitting was never my gift. I tried, oh, I tried, but it never stuck, sadly to say.

Crochet...yarn into filet designs, doilies, afghans, baby items, clothing, scrafs, even fabric rugs...I can do well and fast. Using crochet in jewelry ((wire and thread)) has been a true enjoyment, but making baby blankets for Linus will be my treasured gift.

I am so glad that whatever our gift of art might be, that we have opportunities to use it to help others. I have always told my sons that we are to be others focused when that person is in need. Jesus met a person where they were, supplied their need before sharing with them the love of God. His actions spoke loader than His words, how much different are we today? Funny, Jesus still meets us where we are...

Jackson Pollock said, "Every good painter paints what he is." What are you painting each moment of every day as a reflection for others to see? I, indeed, pray it is good.

Love and Blessings,


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