Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

My laptop decor element...

Are these not adorable!!!
This was such an easy project. I added a daisy from the hostess line of Stampin' Up! to the top of my Acer Aspire One Laptop. it fit perfectly. Stampin' Up! has many items in the Decor Element collection. The prices are low and these are removable making them great for changing decor in your home or office, dorm, or simply for fun.

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Salt Lake City at 7 am. I am very excited and need this time of respite. It is with confusing feelings that I leave my dad at this time. He won't be with us much longer. He has so much trouble breathing and is under full Hospice care. My son, Joel, is recovering from surgery as well but is doing great. It is  little frightening to leave them. However, I realize I need girlfriend time...and a place to relax, renew, refresh, and remember. It will give me a chance to refocus as well. Setting my sights on the artistic goals and dreams that have only just begun. Being obedient to God's direction for this time of rest and renewal is something we all need to remember when we are caregivers. Not just to focus on our own interests, but to know that we have to be fully equipped to care.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and remember you are half way to the weekend, da'ling! Hang in there!!!

Love and blessings,


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