Wednesday, July 5, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Cycling...An Experience: Part I

Thank you Tim for this experience!

Cycling. I can't remember my first time on a bike or the first one I ever rode. I do remember, however, my first bike. It was a purple, three-speed Free-Spirit from Sears. My dad took me to the store to pick it out. I rode that bike all over my neighborhood, to school, at the farm we had "down home" as my parents called our second home in another county. My father worked in the city during the week and then on the weekends and holidays, we were at the farm where he was a cattleman surrounded by all of my grandparents to my cousins. 

I hadn't rode a bike of any type since I was probably seventeen. One of my goals in getting healthy was to add cycling to my activities. After Christmas of 2014, I was about to come off crutches from having surgery on my foot, when my "adopted son" I call him because he and his family are more than friends to us, came to have coffee with me and Garrett. 

I was telling Tim how I was saving to get a custom fit bake. He was like, "What if you don't like riding and you have spent so much money on a bike?" He brought up several questions that I hadn't considered. Then he showed me several bikes online that were built with the person in mind. My gender, height, weight, and even some things I wanted in a bike. It was comical when he showed me the bike in the photograph came without brakes! The videos of people, YOUNGER people on them was fantastic, but me without brakes...I don't think so. 

I made the decision to order the bike which was surprisingly equal to a street bike. Then later if I decided to get a totally custom fit bike, I would know better what I wanted and if I liked cycling. When the bike came, it was three days after a life-changing event had taken place. I couldn't decide if I should send the bike back or keep it. I might need the money for Garrett and myself to survive. Then I thought, "I might need the bike to go get milk or something..." I text Tim and asked if he could meet me and put the bike together, but didn't tell him why I needed him to help me.

When he and his family arrived at our local Starbucks, me with my bike and Garrett with me...I had to tell him that my husband, the man he knew well, had walked out. I had been married for thirty-four years. Life happens and you can spin your wheels or get on the bike and ride. I chose to get on the bike and ride. Tim has been one of the best people in my life to give me the much needed push to make that happen. I have been riding faster and faster. God has blessed every turn. 

The bike has been fantastic. I am training for my first Triathlon which may take me a bit to get to, but them I want to ride in my first cycling race. My goal for riding is to participate unified with Special Olympics. Garrett isn't interested at this point in cycling although he has worn out two trikes. 

Stick with me...Part 2 is what to consider when buying a bike...

Consider this;
Ride the crazy out!
When we workout, exercise in any way...
oxygen goes in, clearing our minds, body and soul...
it helps in decision making and giving us joy  and peace.

Hugs, Rita


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