Wednesday, July 26, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Feasting the Mind...


The mind feasts on what it is focused on. What is your focus? I have heard our pastor, Doug Ripley, say this repeatedly, "When your eyes look at something, it has taken a photograph of it. Then your mind will reply it again and again." I got to think about that during my devotional time one morning. What I feast my mind on, think about, is what I'm devoting my energy, soul, and giving my time to. 

I had to stop going to restaurants that offered general admission to the human food trough. I grazed from one end of the buffet to the other. My parents use to go to one restaurant in their city at 3:45 pm in the afternoon so that they could enjoy the benefits of the 4:00 buffet additions but a the lunch prices. At 4:00 pm, the price was raised. Now, before you belittle them, they got the senior rate which was good from opening to closing. However, many did the same thing I am sure. We usually participated in these buffets on Sundays. Chinese was our favorite usually. 

Just like the buffets, our minds can feast on the good things that will make us healthy and strong or on the bad things that will decline our nature a little at a time. So often, we don't realize that our appetites are hungry and thirsty for something more pleasing until we are too deep in the harsh things until we are waiting in line and buffet is empty and there we stand, waiting for more. It is then that we have a decision to make. Get made at ourselves for making the choices we have made or at those we expect to feed us our pleasures. 

Which is it? Who are you expecting to feed you? Which buffet are you feasting on? The eye takes a photograph that the mind will treasure for a lifetime. We need to refocus our minds on the good things God has blessed us with. We need to make a u-turn and change our direction. We have nobody to blame, no excuses to give. It's a choice. Let's get our minds, souls, hearts and bodies healthy and strong, pleasing to God and pleasing to ourselves. 


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