Thursday, July 20, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Good Feels Good!

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I will have to come clean and be honest...I had to take a selfie at my local Starbucks with their latest slogan, "Good Feels Good!" I couldn't help myself! Good, indeed, does feel good! The only thing more I could come up with that felt better was happiness, joy, and being totally dipped in delicious guilt free chocolate. I know, I am way to simple, but that's the truth. Coffee would be in close running for those. I am a junkie. I tried a twelve-step for coffee, but instead they helped me with the foodaholic situation...chocolate isn't going anywhere...not enough steps anywhere, sorry. Totally off the point, goodness...

Good feels Good. Let's face it. When we do something good for another person, we feel good deep down inside. The feeling goes with us, but when we start sharing what we have done, have you noticed how the light from that good deed slowly shines within us a bit less. It's crazy how that happens. We still feel good about what we did, but just not so much so. Maybe that is why the Bible, throughout, talks about doing good in secret. Sometimes, leaving a note, a tiny gift or doing a task for another person in secret gives us a reward all by itself. It brings a new piece to our healthy lifestyle that wasn't there before. We aren't focusing on ourselves as much.

One area that we and you can give back is in little secret ways for our family, our neighbors or even strangers. As a single parent, I have a budget, it's no secret because it's true for most families like us. Last winter, Garrett needed a new jacket. Well, if you know Garrett, he likes the big sports jackets. I couldn't find an Alabama coat in his size, but I found a Falcon's jacket and ordered it. I was telling my bestfriend over the phone about it and the cost while waiting for my coffee at Target one afternoon. I left my book on the table and had planned to sit for a moment and read before shopping. When I went back to the table with my drink and opened my book, the exact amount for the jacket fell out. It was not a cheap jacket. I cried instantly and screamed. We have no idea who put it there, but what a huge blessing that was for this momma. 

Another way you and I can help is through community causes. There are so many opportunities to pick from. Garrett and I are run/walkers. I like to pick races that benefit something for us to signup for. When we started going to our church we met, Chris and his family. It was family at first sight. Garrett hits the door running after church to find Christ. They communicate with an ipad and without words. Each year there is a walk to raise money for ALS research and funding. Due to camp, we weren't able to walk this year, but we supported the cause. If you can't participate in events like this, offer to sponsor someone. Run/walkers are everywhere and they can participate in your name if you like. Some of the causes we have participated in raise money for autism, breast cancer research, Alzheimer's, veterans, hospice, Special Olympics, and so much more...

Regardless of the cause, get moving. Be active in helping others. I challenge you to put the excuses aside, negativity and reasons why not...walk for a cause, run across the finish line to changing the space around you for a healthier lifestyle. Living an example will change not only your life but those around you. Make believers of others by living as a giver. 

Hugs, Rita


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