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The life of a GymGirl! Just another challenge...

#RitaHutchesonCobbs: Life as #GymGirl

I am all about setting goals. I have an inspiration board and journals. I love to come up with fun things to challenge myself. I love how these things motivate me to press on for the things I want. In 2015, my goal was to join a gym. I had just come off crutches from surgery on my feet and it was exciting on December 31, 2014, to be fitted for new running shoes and go to the gym. I found out through my friend Anna that Benders was hiring so I applied. I began working for them the first week of January. I had no clue about gym equipment. Each week, I learned a bit more, joined a class, asked members how to use a piece of equipment and for their advice. I began my new adventure joining a new family. 

The first few times I was on the elliptical, I gentleman got on the one next to me. He apparently noticed I was a novice. He leaned over and asked if he could show me a few things. I was thrilled to learn how to use the resistance and that going backwards used a different set of muscles! He is a dentist in town and both he and his wife are such mentors to so many new people that have begun their workout journeys. Then another husband and wife have made the gym a lifestyle. He is former military, which I think regardless if you are active or not, you are forever military. She has taught me various ways to use the stair master. Climbing is the norm, but there are so many exercises you can do on the stair master. Then he has challenged me to go backwards on the treadmill! He runs backwards. All of this sounds extreme and certainly not a typical gym experience. I am up for the party and the challenge. My friends don't do these things, they follow the diagram on the machines and do exactly what is required. 

Myths of the gym that I discovered weren't something I noticed as much as the things I have heard. People won't come to the gym because they are afraid people will look at them or watch them. They are afraid people will laugh. Then I have heard they won't go to the gym because they don't have the right clothing. All these things are excuses. Nobody watches anyone else. Gym people go with an agenda. They have a certain amount of time to get their focal point done and they do it. One day it may be arms, legs or another focal point. They have one to two-hours usually and they are focused. Many times they have headphones on and don't know anything that is going on around them. If I watch someone, it is to see how they are doing an exercise so I can do it too. That's it. As far as clothes are concerned, just cover up. I don't want to see "stuff" hanging out...please...not on him and not on her. 

I have learned that doing three sets of ten, increasing the weights not the number works better for me. Some do two sets of eight or three sets of twelve. It is what works best for you and your body. Regardless, your mind will tell you that you can't do two and that you can't walk or run one-mile, but your body is able. Once you get past that pivotal point, your like, "See, I can do them too." I had to self-talk and well, pray. I was inactive, never doing anything. When I start the swimming portion of the tri-training, I will do a lot more of praying than self-talk I am sure!  

I saw a t-shirt the other day hat read, "I hate running." I am sorry to say, I am not one of those people. Ever since I started running and working out, I know many people that say that very thing. They hate running, exercising or whatever it is they are doing to stay healthy, strong or fit. Why? I have no idea, because I usually don't stay around to find out. I have also met a lot of people who run and workout to eat. Many of these people don't focus on what they eat and drink, but don't see how the food intake and workout routine balance together to benefit their health. One day, it will be a wake-up call, I am afraid. 

However, I love love love to run. I love love love to workout! I will be honest and say that one day is better for me than another. I can left the bar with weights on it and another I struggle to left the bar. Then one day I can run ten-miles and another I can go on thirty. It doesn't matter...I am out there. I am not pretty working out. I sweat, I stink and I have humid hair. So, no excuses...sit by me.

Consider the gym. Ask if they have a week free so you can try it!
Go ride the bike during your favorite television show.
Some come to the gym where I go, watch their favorite game show for an hour and ride.
Ball games is another great time to workout all the excitement!
Five-minutes on the treadmill releases gym
oxygen to the brain for better decision making?
Try it...see for yourself...


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