Monday, July 31, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Afraid? Need courage to lose weight or get fit? Here you go...

The middle of my losing over 300lbs

Fear. Anxiety. These emotions will paralyze me. There are so many factors that happens when someone has this happen. It grips, freezes physical abilities, brain goes into fast thinking, blood goes to the head, heart races and our reactions are gone. Not all these things happen, but I have had this happen and it frightened me more that it happened rather than being afraid. I knew that I had to face my fear, the one thing that made me anxious, and deal with it, let it go. I won't put myself in a dangerous place, but I won't let it rule my moment ever again. When that situation happened to me, I was at a medical facility and there was a person in the building that I did not feel was a safe person. Those working went beyond their job and took it upon themselves to make me feel safe. I knew leaving that I had to face this and not allow the person, the emotions I felt or, being a faith person, the enemy control me any longer.

Now, you may not have a physical person to relate to as I did. There may be hurts or hangups that you face. Whatever you deal with that causes you to fear or be anxious to start your journey to a healthy life-style, that is where you have to begin. Fear is the root of every wrong or sin that exists. I use to think it was jealousy; however, it makes sense when you think about it. Fear of someone succeeding or, as my father once said, just being born, brings out the jealousy in some people. The root of why may never be known, but it has to be dealt with. Forgiving is the first step to healing. Then learning to love. Finally letting it go.

When fear steps up to home plate and wants to bat a home run on your emotions and destroy the winning goals of your tournament, then here are some things you can do to be a winner!

*  Fix your eyes on the prize. Create an inspiration board to have the ultimate focus in front of you all the time. Use photographs of what you want to wear or reasons for living healthier.
*  Use inspirational verses or quotes written on index cards (see earlier blog post about this).
*  Listen to uplifting music or worship and praise music to motivate your spirit to a positive place.
*  Step back from the situation and process it. Think twice, as my grandmother might have said.
*  Get a dog, a Bible, and choose not to let this fear erase the courage you have already built!

Pets have proven to lift peoples spirits and even get them moving. They need attention and dogs, especially, need walked.

#RitaHutchesonCobbs with #RomeoFurCobbs

Why a Bible? There are so many passages to encourage, like the Psalms and I Corinthians 13 to love. Choose courage regardless. Self-talk through a crises, but practice when things are good. You can't be ready for the difficulties of life if you are prepared during the good times. My grandparents would plant huge gardens during the summer then can and freeze vegetables. Why? So that during the winter, they would have food for their family. Building your courage is no different. It combats the fear in your life. Fear isn't worth the time or energy it takes to pet, encourage or even create imaginary fantasies about. Courage is love, joy and happiness within your space and that of those around you. 

The people that once frightened me, hurt me at one time in my life, no longer hold me prisoner, I unlocked those chains a long time ago. However, loving God and wanting to live the example of His Son Jesus, I wrote prayers for them. I don't have the strength, words or power  with in myself at times to know what to say or do it, so I wrote my thoughts out on paper. I express to God my thoughts and love and ask for forgiveness for my latest thoughts or yet another hurt they may have caused, if any. You may have to continually forgive and love harder. Life does that sometimes, but it's not the person we are fighting for, it's the enemy, the prince of darkness. Know that fear is from that place too. Courage, hope, and love comes from the Father. He gave grace and forgiveness to me when I didn't deserve it, so why would I not show even more grace and forgiveness. It's because of love that fear changes, so do our hearts and only then can we begin to move to a healthier lifestyle with food, fitness and life as a whole. We have to realize there are no excuses.


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