Tuesday, August 1, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Dating God instead of Food! Yup and intrucing my new Boyfriend!

I think we will just linger on the title of this blog post for a moment. ((Breath in your nose and out your mouth...do it...again!)) Now, let's continue on. You read it right! Dating God instead of food! I will get to the boyfriend part later, you can wait. 

Several yeas ago, I had to have reconstructive surgery on both my feet. I called them Ethel and Louise. I was on crutches for a whole year, having to keep them propped up after each surgery, wearing out three pairs of crutches. It was the only thing, other than the skin I am tightening up, that I had happen due to weighting 450lbs. The bones in my feet separated and had to be put back together, yup, seriously! I had to learn to run and walk all over again. I refused to have the surgery if I couldn't run again. Looking down at his shoes, the surgeon, promised to have me going again. LOL he was way to cute to argue with! Thankfully, he was right and I have had no pain as a result.

During that time, I mediated, read the Word, did various Bible studies, listened to audio books from various ministers and Bible teachers and inspirational music. I was getting to a place that I had no idea God was preparing my heart and life so that I would be ready for a life-experience that would change my life and that of my son. It is funny that when crises happen, we tend to head for whatever will comfort us the most, people, habits, hangups, even hurts that will fill the pain, confusion or frustration. I sat for about an hour before I was face down before God and said, "Let's do this!"

I have had many life altering experiences. When I tell people that they have no excuses to not reach for their goals or get healthy, I am telling the truth. This particular life-experience is just one that brought me to the point of deciding that I would date God and not food. During this situation, I had to grow up, learn to do things for myself, and make decisions for myself. I could have just stayed in bed and covered my head, whined, got on social media and tore it up with negativity, but I didn't. I took this as an opportunity to live joyful, happy and learn to do the things I was never able to do before. 

I could have ate, drank, not workout or run again. It was the perfect time to go back to eating processed food and live on what people use as the greatest excuse of all, "It's cheaper to eat the packaged foods." I did not do these things even though I had to watch my money since I was left with nothing. I am the definition of, "When God is all you've got, He is enough. When God is all you've got, God is good enough." I had nothing but my sons. I learned that everything I had was not what I thought it was including the relationships I had lived with almost my whole life. The reality was wide open for all to see, the closet doors were removed all the way to the attic and the lid was literally removed from the bottles. People saw what my life was like from living conditions to the relationships. 

Things like food can't control your life. People, things, stuff, jobs, or circumstances can't control you. The thing that has to control you is choice. It is a decision to allow your life, mind and heart to be controlled by the negative of life or to be influenced by the joy and happier things life has to offer. God is my source and choice. I decided from the start to date God. I wanted to be sold out to Him, allowing Him to control my present and letting for of my past and future. I wasn't going to worry about any of those areas, give a lot of forgiveness, grace and declare love. I have spent the past years sold out to Him. I have spent time in the Word, doing Bible studies, reading various books from different venues, finding who I am independent of my past. I found a church of believers that plumb lines with God's Word and supports my son as well as my calling to caregiving.

All this may not make sense, but turning to food is not the answer to any problem much less celebration. It is time to think about dating God or something filled with more than our selfish desires. When a selfish desire pops in, go take a walk outside around the house, do it twice...then decide if that is something you should do. Food just like other desires have it's place, but not in place of the ultimate joy of life. I am naturally happy and bubbly. It frightens a lot of people, but I still eat mindlessly, drink coffee all hours of the day, going to bed and sleep easily. I have had to learn to control my choice of what I date and what I entertain. You may better controlled than I am...your 'oholic may not be food, work, hobbies, sports...it may be laziness, busyness, anger, selfishness, control, appearance, talents, education, even church. It may be time to date God too...

My life is totally different today. Living full and happy can be done with food and activities in your life in a way that is balanced, healthy way. God has poured out his blessing since the day my life was altered. I made the decision to allow the changes to happen, live in the present, not worrying about the future. During that time in my life, I maintained my weight, continued my lifestyle plan and made the changes to better other areas of my life that needed to be healthier. Sometimes, we need to find the sources or reasons why we run to such things as food.

Until God brings the Hallmark Movie into my life and drops it into my lap, then I would like to introduce you to my new boyfriend...He is in the first photo...Yup, I renamed my dog, Boyfriend lol... Loving it...


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