Tuesday, August 8, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Let's talk oils and fats...

In the photograph above there are other fat ingredients that we can live without.
 Can you spot them?

It is the most creative thing I have ever heard. Then again, maybe it's the kindest way a person can simply say it. Then again, maybe we need the straight forward truth...but let me back up a bit...

Don't you love run on sentences?! My favorite English teacher in the world from my first year in college would die on the spot if she ever read my stuff now, I am sure of it. When I first hear the word fat, it was in a physical education class actually in college. I was taking a class that I was going to have lead a segment of aerobics teaching the class to do something which was a portion of my final grade. Fat wasn't the word I heard, it was obese. I was labeled and defined. I didn't do that assignment lol, nope, not happening! Regardless of the assignment and the mental image of what that would actually look like, I discovered that obesity was a reality of definition in the dictionary, many books popping up written on the subject, but it was on my medical chart. 

What I can't figure out, is why is it not on our food labels? Can you imagine, "No Obesity" in this product! No, that wouldn't go over very well. So, we substitute obesity with other words rather than even saying fat, we use BMI, maybe out of context, but then we use, my favorite of all time, fluffy. 

Garrett uses the word "fluffy," but he will say, "Momma, you were the "f" word." People look at him curiously. When we got a dog that was five-pounds over weight, he said, "Momma, he is the "f" word, but I don't want to hurt his feelings." This is what I meant by the kindest person in the world. He never wants to hurt someone's feelings even thought he himself has a few extra pounds, but...if you try to pinch even an inch on that boy's legs, you can't do it. He is muscle all over, but the areas he actually does need to lose weight. 

Regardless, how you say it, label it, define it, fat is fat. It doesn't look good on your thighs, mine or on our blood work or on the scales. We can call this food or that oil "good fat" all we want, but I would rather put those calories to better use else where than in any fat calories recommended to me. I apologize to all those who have spent money on research, advertisement, manufacturing and even the consumers to justify something that is simply fattening and bringing more heart-attacks and obesity to our society, but...I won't do it. 

So, how to we substitute the fats in our diet or our lives?
 Here are some tips to help:

*  Remove all cooking oils and use cooking spray.
*  Don't use butters or margarine, use fat-free spray butter if you need any at all.
*  Change to fat-free salad dressings rather than regular dressings, try Italian.
*  Use lemon juice or lime juice instead of dressings or seasoning.
*  Experience homemade peanut butter or soy butter that requires no oil.
*  Read labels: picked up apple sauce the other day that said "natural" but had oil and corn syrup in it.
*  Baking cakes or breads, use apple sauce instead of oils (try going without breads and desserts)/
*  Make your own broths using vegetables rather than meat based.
*  Broil or grill meats rather than fry or pan bake meats.
*  Cook at home...I suggest as a family too. Save eating out for planned times.

These are just a few ideas. It is time to think about the foods we put in our bodies. We have only one. The waiting lists are long for body parts that can be replaced. Let's get real. Let's get honest. When we stand before God there are only two thinks we wills stand before Him with: our body and our character. These are why we are to take care of the temple and be more Christlike. Eternity will be so much easier don't you think if we start now? Something to think about...

Fat, fluffy, obese or the "f" word...It will get someone's attention. In the photograph above there are other fat ingredients that we can live without. Can you spot them? Living healthy is a learning process and over the past six-plus-years, I am still a process moving forward, but I am living proof you too can do it. There are no excuses and that is what you will carry into eternity. 


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