Thursday, August 10, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Blessed are those who need...

To simply say, my life has been forever changed, brings tears of joy to my eyes. I rejoice and feel so happy as the powerpoint rolls through my mind of all the ways that I have been blessed in the past three-years alone.  When you get to the point of being needy and you plant the seed of need deep in a soil that looks barren, water it with prayer and tears of promises you know to be true, He brings a harvest of thanksgiving that you can't possible list for you to see His handiwork. 

Many of shared the dependency of a chair, trusting it as we sit down without even thinking. When people ask me how I have walked through each day without losing hope, it is just as simple as sitting in a chair. I trust hope; I trust love; I trust knowing that through everything I am being taught the exact things I am trusting in...hope, love, and to trust in God.  Also, I am learning to be thankful and to be filled with gratitude regardless if I feel like it or if I want to do so.

On February 25, 2015, one of the things I told God was, "I need a home church!" I heard him that night in my bedroom just as clear as my son calling my name. He said, "Decatur Baptist." I was like, "Are you sure? I've never been there before!" So, the following Sunday, I dressed in my not so Sunday clothes and even wore my running shoes, left my hair wire curly, thinking they won't want me and drove myself to the church for Sunday School and preaching. A beautiful woman, Sandra, met me at the education building door and I told her I had never been there before and in one sentence I told her what brought me there. She took me to a ladies Sunday School class and they were amazing. I felt welcome regardless how I was dressed. I sat in the outside circle from the U-shaped table in the center. After the announcements, another class joined us, a lady close to my age and very pretty blond sat next to me, while a lady six-feet tall, model thin and short hair shared her story of being a cancer survivor. I was in awe.

After Sunday School, I have no idea how I made it to worship. There were other things that happen, people I ran into that I knew, but I sat by myself until the pretty blond came and sat with me. I cried throughout worship because I became one with God not because of my circumstance or anything, but because He came inside and took over. I asked her if it was like this every Sunday, she replied, "Yes, it is!" I was excited.

After church, the pretty blond took me to meet the pastor, to see where their class met and then to a special needs adult Sunday School class. I was hooked. The following Sunday, I asked Garrett to go with me and we have been attending this rockin' awesome church ever since. God came, changed my home, my life and we aren't the same. He has been allowed to change my home, my family and me. Having a community of people that encourage you makes a huge difference in helping you as well.

When you are need and God is all you have, He not only is enough and all you need is Him, but He will provide, He will use your need to grow you spiritually, physically and emotionally. Also, He will bring you to where you can help others through that need. When you are walking through that need regardless the simplicity to the severity, He can handle it. You just need to trust Him as you would your chair or the bed you sleep in to hold you up when you get in it.

If trust is hard, then it can begin with 
praise and is that simple
in moving toward living a healthy lifestyle. 


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