Tuesday, September 4, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Making Scrambled Eggs with Homegrown Eggs! =)

In April, we got our first chickens and are enjoying the benefits of homegrown eggs! When they are gathered, we date each one using the oldest first. *I did make these eggs and photos a while back so don't be alarmed by the date of this post and the date on the egg LOL. 

Break the number of eggs desired to scramble into a bowl.
Some break them individually because you never know what you 
might find in a homegrown egg, however, I don't.

I then crush the shells and return them to the chickens
because they will eat them...

I add 1/4 cup of fat-free milk to 1 dozen eggs.

Add a dash of black pepper.

A dash of salt.

A dash of dill, my favorite in eggs.

Beat the eggs well with a fork until they are well blended.

After spraying your skillet with cooking spray,
pour the eggs into the skillet.

Allow the eggs to sit for 1 minute before mixing the eggs
and then do so continuously until done.

Set your oven eye, or in my case with our house being rebuilt,
a two eye burner on medium heat.

I like my eggs a little moist but other like them very dry so you decide.
I also like to add diced peppers, mushrooms and other fresh vegetables to mine.
A good time to add these to your eggs is in that 1 minute wait after you have
poured the eggs into the skillet.

Done! Add turkey bacon which you can pop into the microwave,
2 slices between paper towel sheets for 1 minute
or 4 slices for 2 minutes. Yummy...
Weight Watchers PointsPlus - Scrambled egg: 5 points
Turkey Bacon, 3 slices: 2 points

Hugs, Rita


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