Thursday, September 20, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Generations Undivided Scrapbooking Layout...

 Creating pages within the Cookbook Scrapbook has been such a joy for me. Going through the photos of my parents in the early years of their marriage and even before, makes me realize how hard the work and how much they enjoyed play. When I came along, they were in the midst of working hard to provide and stable in their lives. They were older and beyond vacationing and almost ready for retirement, but still working. I never regretted our lives, matter of fact, I loved the stability of where we lived, Decatur during the week and Phil Campbell farm on the weekends.

 On these pages, I found two photos that were random and didn't have a home so to speak. On this page, I added one of my uncle and aunt, a large generation gap but sweet in many way...the bike, the black and white format of the photograph, the clothing and my aunt standing there with expression and definition. The one recipe in my mother's handwriting is a treasure for me for sure!

Also, the papers speak for themselves; they needed really no other embellishments. I created the trim with ribbon and cardstock self-sticking embellishments from Close to My Heart that came in a package of fifty. I matted the recipes and photographs carefully because all of them were fragile. Simplistic. Treasured. Two that I will frame and display in my home rather than leave in my cookbook scrapbook I am sure. =)

So, do you cook? I have a delicious friend, I say delicious because if you tasted her breads, you would want to eat her up too, but Suzanne makes bread for me...chocolate, tomato-basil, onion, and other types of sandwich bread for us each week. I can make bread, but why would I when she makes these large wonderful breads already, every week for her family!! What do you like to bake? Share...

Hugs, Rita


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