Wednesday, February 22, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Crochet Poncho II with Pattern Links

I hear you saying it, from here, as I type this blog!! "OMGosh! You have made yet another one? Why?" LOL, so that I can become a poncho, leg warmer wearing crazy lady (aunt to some) LOL...that is the way I want it of course. Plus it doesn't hurt that the ponchos cover up a multitude of sins, as they say!

When I was making this poncho, I left the pattern I used to make the last poncho I made at home. So when I got down to row 19, I wasn't sure if I was suppose to end it at row 20 with the granny square stitch or row I kept crocheting to row 30. I loved the length tremendously!! So if you follow the pattern and want the longer length, add a skein of yarn to the amount needed and continue to row 30 before finishing off. For crochet beginners, I do have basic beginning videos on my YouTube channel...

Happy crocheting, 
Hugs, Rita


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