Thursday, February 2, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Crochet 3-in-1 Stitch Washcloth and Pattern

Crochet 3-in-1 Stitch Washcloth
(the one on the right)

OMGOSH! I have fallen in love with this stitch! The first time I used it was in a pattern for a baby sweater and it was called a "Trinity" stitch. However, it is simply three single crochets in one stitch that makes a lovely shell like ripple when two rows are put together. Lovely! It is also tight and that is something that has worked well for a washcloth. So, here is the pattern I created for our bathroom using colors that we are using even though our house is going more shabby chic, our bedroom/bathroom is very...bright! =)

Crochet 3-in-1 Stitch Washcloth 

100% Cotton Thread of your choice or combination of colors
Size G Crochet Hook

Chain 35
Row 1: Turn, sc into the first ch from the hook, but don’t release it. Pick up the next two sc. You should have 4 loops on your hook. YO and release all 4 loops on your hook and ch 1. Insert hook in same ch, YO and repeat the process throughout the row to last ch. Sc in last ch.
Row 2-27: repeat row 1. Finish Off.
Trim: Slip stitch into any corner. Continue the same stitch pattern around the edging. Finish off. 

Enjoy and happy stitching...Hugs, Rita


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