Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Crochet T-shirt Rug and pattern...

Oh I so love love love this color! It is one of the colors in our bedroom that I will be using. I am also in-cooperating burnt orange to the mix with white as the accent color. Although I have made many crochet rugs, even won first place at the county fair a good number of years ago, I have enjoyed working with the t-shirt fabric. I will be recycling more of these as the boys wears them out, however, this was 2 yards of t-shirt material that I purchased and cut into 1" strips. This isn't a color my guys would typically wear lol, no disrespect to all the guys or gals out there that do love this color, my guys are dark earth tone or red/white kinda t-shirt guys. Hay, they all wash nicely together!! So here is the pattern for this sweet rug...

Rita's Crochet T-Shirt Rug

Crochet Q Hook
4 yards of 60" width t-shirt fabric, cut into 1" strips
** I don't sew my ends together with the fabric but you can if you wish...
***In this pattern you are going to continuously crochet in the round, there won't be any rows. Mark the beginning and move the marker up each time you go around.

Chain 5.
Slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain.
Single Crochet in the top of the next chain. Do 2 sc in the next sc. Repeat 5 times.
Single Crochet in the top of the next 2 chains. Then sc in the next sc 2 times. Repeat around 2 times.
Single Crochet in the top of the next chain. Then sc in the next 5 sc. In the next sc, do 2 sc in the same stitch. Do this for the remainder of the project until you reach the desired size you want.
If the rug doesn't lay flat. You can increase the sc in any stitch by doing 2 sc in one stitch.

I enjoy recycling t-shirts, jeans, fabric and other items, even towels, into these projects. They are functional and great to use anywhere in the house. The nursing homes love them as well. So think about your gift giving this year and what you can make for those you plan to gift...

Hugs, Rita


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