Sunday, May 19, 2013 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Sunday's Art Journaling...Yes, We Can Have it All

 There is one thing, I never ever want someone to tell me...that I can't have it all! When I started Weight Watchers, I was told by their ads with Jennifer Hudson, that I could have it all. I was also told by the leader when I joined Weight Watchers that I could have it all. Guess what! I hit Lifetime just over a week ago, which means, I met my weight loss and healthy living goal of what I want my body weight to be for the rest of my life and they are right!!! I can indeed HAVE IT ALL! That is what Healthy Living is to me...

 On this art journaling page, I want to share one aspect for sure, but first, I want you to notice that I used not only various clippings of things I can't have enough of, like chocolate, but also, some of my favorite papers. I love the sewing pattern scrapbook paper that you can see in the back ground here. The "grateful 4" sticker was perfect to use on this pocket, which by the way is a covered subtraction card. That's right! Recycling-Reusing-Recreating...which you are about to see with the card inside that pocket. I also took words that were on a piece of printed cardstock and cut them up, making them into tags. I covered the backs with more paper for additional space for journaling and stuck them inside the pocket. Btw, the pocket is adhered with my ATG gun on two sides, the bottom and the right side.

 I found this to-do shopping list on the fridge at the cabin. I took a sheet and clipped it down to the blank space on the page and to fit inside the tag base. The original tag was made by Close to My Heart.

 I traced the back of the to the paper. Then cut it out inside the lines so that it would be a bit smaller than the card itself. I wanted a bit of the background to show around the paper.

I distressed the edges with inks.

The page was then adhered to the card with ATG tape.

I punched holes in the front of the tag holder and wrapped the original twine through the holes and tied it. I also, used my favorite punch to make a tab and place at the top of the card for embellishment.

I have additional space to write things that I am "grateful 4" as well as add a photo to the back if I wish. The card fits perfectly into the pocket. I really enjoyed creating these pages and adding not only pieces of smash book and art journaling but bringing some scrapbooking magic to the creativity too. How much fun I am having is just wrong!!!

Hugs, Rita


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