Wednesday, May 22, 2013 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Sunday's Art Journaling...the finishing pages...

 For the final pages of this art journaling project, I decided to include them all in this post. I pretty much have gone over all the techniques in previous posts during the past week. I may have bored you to death with this book too lol. However, it has been so much fun for me to revisit the making of this art journaling smash book. This page is my prayer journal for the journey ahead.

 In the hymnal I have been taking pages from I found a series of pages that holds sentence prayers. Perfect for moments of reflection and help. So I added them to a small booklet that I can pull anytime when words just won't come. I have times like that, when I am so filled with joy or even hurt. Then I clipped phrases and added them throughout the two pages with gesso and Modge Podge.

 I made a pocket using a tag to hold this booklet and one of my favorite hymns, "What a Friend We Have..." both fit nicely in the pocket. I covered the tag in scrapbook paper and adhered it on two sides with my ATG gun. The booklet is covered with scrapbook paper as well.

 I used Glossy Accents to bring the butterflies out in the paper and make them 3D.

 This page, and those to follow, were clippings from one article I wanted to save. I decided to cut it up and put it in this art journal. The clipping to the right hung off the page at the top and bottom, so I added tabs to both ends and folded the bottom up so that the book could sit on a shelf easily. I covered both ends part the way up with scrap printed scrapbook paper so that it would be both sturdy and pretty. I have done this throughout the book. I added journaling spots to give my response to the article clippings throughout the each of the following pages.

 I always have trouble getting the articles to meet when I have to take one part from one column and another portion from another column, so I use a tab punched from cardstock to fix that problem...

 I turn the article section over and adhere them to the tab punch. It makes it easier to position with my ATG gun. I put the adhesive on the tab and then place the article pieces on the tab. Perfect.

 I loved the quotes from this article by Julian Michael. I wanted to add the songs I listen to and her quotes to my healthy living book. I felt inspired by her words and her interview. As I said before, I left space for journaling my personal thoughts too.

 On these pages I used clear gesso and brought out the illustrations with water color crayons. Then I added some pieces from my art journaling stash that I wanted to save. Favorite things, paper clippings. I used punches of the paper I loved.

 Once again, I used clear gesso and water color crayons on these pages. I brought a hymn page clipping to the page and thought I would use it for a frame to a photograph later.

 "Kicking Beauty" is hanging off the page which I am falling in love with the effect of doing so. It brings the smash book to art journaling. I have added tabs throughout the pages which may be too much for some, but it just goes with the fact it is my favorite punch and I really do love love love it. Maybe too much I guess...since I own the original form of the punch and got the newer version for when my old one bits the dust and celebrates it's homegoing.

 I did some decoupage on these pages which I suppose you would say I have done throughout the book with the magazine clippings. I allowed myself even more journaling spots too. I might even add photos to these areas. Regardless, I have space within the spots or without. I can write anywhere I want, it's my book. =) Remember, there are no rules when you are art journaling or creating a smash book...

 I added a unique element to this set of pages. The paper towel on the left is one that I used on this project to wipe my brushes, clean sponges, or other tools. I added some Modge Podge and placed the towel down. It created a nice texture.

Here, I added yet another portion of the paper towel and on the back inside cover is a hymn page where I can close the story of this portion of my journey.

I took this as a visual to my Weight Watchers meeting when our leader asked what motivates you to continue your journey. Mine is first my hope, second is my strong faith, and third is my future in caring for my family.. Then it's art. Loving it...

Hugs, Rita


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