Thursday, May 16, 2013 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Sunday's Art Journaling...Tag Ideas

 In this Sunday's Art Journaling project that I am featuring bits and pieces of, I used a couple of recycling ideas I wanted to share with you. I made two tags, one recycling elements and the other, like with this one, by reinventing an item. I took a tag sticker and made a stand alone tag with it.

 I placed the tag sticker to a piece of printed scrapbook paper scrap and cut along the edges of the tag shape.

 Then I removed the butterfly shaped bling from the packaging and cut it in half. I didn't throw away the unused portion because I have plans for it. Then I stuck half the butterfly completely on the tag. You will see this tag within the book later.

 For the second tag, I used the packaging from the butterfly shaped bling and adhered it to scrapbook paper using my ATG gun.

 I added more patterned scrapbook paper to the other side of the packaging, creating a completely covered tag. I ink distressed the tag.

 With the leftover bling, I adhered the tip edge of the plastic packaging it was stuck on to the tag with my ATG gun leaving the outer portion open should I want to place a photo or journaling spot on the tag. I then adhered a button with Glossy Accents on top of the bling.

 The tab for the tag is another way of recycling my scraps. I love this punch and use it often on my scraps to use them on my writing journals, art journals, smash books, files, scrapbooking, photo spots, jouranling spots...there are so many possibilities. I have seen on Pinterest where they have made apples from this punch for cards and even animal characters. So creative. The punch is from Stampin' Up.

Tags. Such a great creative usage for scraps and left over packaging. Tags. They are more property within a project to add photos, journaling or...bling. =) Tags are fun to make, easy and you can add as much creativity as you want to them. Wait to you see the others I made for this book...I even recycled something else I found at the cabin...

Hugs, Rita


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