Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Sunday's Art Journaling...Nature

 Art Journaling is a great form of creativity because there is no rules to make or break. You begin, continue and end any way you want. The same thing happens with smash books. I took both and applied them in this project one might say. Something I didn't bring out in yesterday's post about the previous page, is how I extended my creativity and art past the actual page. The runner from the previous page is hanging over, peeking over the top. I added strong cardstock to the back of her head so that it would support the flimsy magazine paper. You will see this again on this page too.

 On this page, I used clear gesso so that the original art work illustration would be seen through and with that I used water color crayons to bring the image out even more.

 Behind the magazine clipping, I took a 1" punch and hit my scraps. I randomly placed the squares and Modge Podged them down on the page. Then I added the image, but cut the image so the hand holding the cup of coffee was visible. Love my coffee. I also distressed the edges with ink throughout these pages.

 No, don't get excited...not showing off her bottom here...lol...showing that once again, I let the clipping flow off the page. I didn't want to chop off the skirt and I loved how the flow fit perfectly off the edge of the page. Lovely...Again, I supported it with colorful cardstock scrapbook paper.

 I save the stickers from vegetables. I admit it. I am a sad sticker, label, can top saver. I stick them to my fridge grocery list paper and then drop the sheet when it's full into my plastic folder just for art journaling. Here I used several of them on the page. Fun!!! I left the "bean" jumping on the page...fit perfectly with the coffee cup, don't you think...

 I used inks, water color crayons, clear gesso and just had fun with these pages. They flow together with the theme of nature. I thought about how natural things are for me. I let my spirit flow and just enjoy being especially on Sundays, my day devoted to respite.

 The title. for this page is a clipping from a brochure I think. I will save a whole sheet or a part of menu, brochure, magazine clipping to use on an idea I might have.

 It pays to not think, "How will I use this scrap?" Just put it in a box or folder designated for scraps. Then I go through the box when it's full, armed with my punches, and just wack away...I used just such punches here...it made the magazine clipping standout...

I just fell in love with these pages. There are multiple techniques that I used, very simple and sweet. Easy to adapt. Just always remember, creating an art journal or a smash book begins with you. Then get a book from a thrift store, library recycle store, or yard sale. Find clippings or some of your favorite things or photographs. Just start sticking them inside the book. Get an ink pen and begin writing. Once you start, you won't turn back. Gesso is a product carried at Hobby Lobby or most art stores. You can brush it on the pages to prep it for painting or anything you wish to do to the page. Water color crayons are excellent to use as well as school water based paints. A set of brushes and sponge brushes are staples. Bic ink pens are great for writing and cost less than $1 for a 10 pack especially at the beginning of the school year. Not an expensive hobby at all. Give it a try. You will fall in love with this form of art and, like me, respite.

Hugs, Rita


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