Sunday, May 12, 2013 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Sunday's Art Journaling...Rainy Days...

 Art journaling is so therapeutic! I know, I know, it's art, but for me it's respite...I know, I know, you get tired of me saying that lol, but it's true! I can slap that paper on or even the gesso and at least "I" feel better afterwards...I pick up books like this one at yard sales, thrift stores and even on the side of the road. Sometimes I will take a children's book that has been used as a "teething" ring and sand the areas clean, putty them, then begin my work. However, this book was just dirty with some torn pages. It was fairly easy to cover and then redo the pages.

 I thought of making this one could be a coffee shop book since I love hanging at several of them and do have photos and memorabilia I could add to it, but I wanted to work with what was on my heart at this time.

 The front and back covers were in mint condition so I was able to cover them with papers. I used Modge Podge and Gesso along with my ATG gun to do most of the work in this book. Cheap and easy is how I work the best LOL... Plus art journaling is a great way to use your scraps or pick up old patterns at thrift stores and use the pieces of the whole package...

 As I began this book, I knew the theme I wanted to go with, but I wasn't sure the flow as I started. So, I began with one corner of my heart and just started. I got this clipping from a goody bag and it fit with how I felt when I began my journey to healthy living. Rain does come, but there is sunshine at the end of a long journey and for every drop, I am so very thankful. With each page, I put gesso down first. On the pages that I wanted to keep the illustrations clear and use them on my page, I used clear gesso.

 I covered the page with a hymn sheet which is from a hymnal I got from a thrift store. I use these pages in scrapbooking, art journaling, card making, etc. Love them. Then I used water crayons and painted circles on the page. I took a Bic ink pen, my favorite thing to write with and use in art journaling, and created the circles around them.

 I am NOT successful with rub-ons, just not...but I learned that if you rub them with your fingers, warming it up so to speak, then use your rub-on tool they go down much better. I put the whole thing down and then added a highlight stickers around the pages. I distressed the paper and sides with ink spots and brushed the whole page down with water to blend the materials.

Again, I do use the black Bic ink pen when I write in my art journal. It goes on well when I use paint and ink. I have tried various markers, but they dry out very fast. I think Art Journaling is perfect since it is not expensive when you think about it. Perfect for yourself or gift giving. Also, it is wonderful to carry with you or contain in a corner of your bedroom for those midnight cravings. Life is busy. It's crazy. Work, caregiving, family events, children, friends, chores, sports, coffees, teas, whatever cranks your tractor or motor boat...but one thing remains the same, we all need it...respite.

Hugs and Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there!


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