Monday, April 25, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Sluttin' Crockpot Sister Pimping Thick Rich Fresh Vegetable Soup Recipe

Thick Rich Fresh Vegetable Soup Recipe
by Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs
& my Sluttin' Crockpot Sister
the Diva Queen of Pimping Food! =)

OMGosh!! There are so many wonderful fresh vegetables in this rich thick soup that I am bound to leave something off this list so if you see something in the photo or have something that you think will absolutely be mouth watering, throw it in the can't go wrong, promise! The flavors of the vegetables is the seasoning for the soup! I only added a super tiny bit of salt and pepper and well, a scoop of minced garlic, but wow, I tasted the broth and it was fabulous~(singing the last word)...loving it so here goes in what I pulled out of the fridge, already cut up and prepared for salads so it eliminated prep time...

2 cup of diced fresh Roma or plum tomatoes
1 cup of green fresh onions
1 cup of cauliflower fresh florets
1 cup of broccoli fresh florets
1 cup diced fresh celery (I slice mine off the stalk)
1 cup of shredded fresh green cabbage
1 cup of chopped or shredded fresh carrots
1 cup of chopped fresh mushrooms
1 cup of chopped fresh fresh zucchini
1 cup of diced yellow fresh squash
1/4 cup fresh kernel corn (You can add more, I only add this for color)
1/2 cup fresh English peas
1/2 cup fresh green beans
4 cups of vegetarian broth
2 large table spoons of minced garlic
1 whole fresh onion, sliced
salt, pepper, dill to taste

1. Spray a large crockpot with non-stick cooking spray and place all the ingredients except the onion and the seasoning inside the crockpot.
2. Then pour the broth over all the ingredients and add the onion on top.
3. Cook on high for 2 hours and then turn to low and continue to cook for 4 hours.

This soup is best when the vegetables are still a little crunchy...serve alone or with tortilla shells. Ummmyyyy...I made turkey sausage kabobs with fruit for the guys in my house but next time I plan to make tofu kabobs with fruit and veggies that I didn't use in the soup...I know it will be amazing....

Love, Blessings & {{{Hugs}}},


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