Friday, February 22, 2013 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

French Toast with Peaches...

 Friday night is just made for comfort food. At the end of a long week, it creates a sense of warmth, happiness and an ease into a great weekend. Topping such a delicious meal with a special fruit and warm syrup, then you have a sit down meal in a matter of minutes with few ingredients and little cleanup.

Egg covered, toasted golden brown...
large pieces of sourdough bread...

...with peaches, drained/rinsed and warm syrup to
top the French toast...


Friday Night's Comforting French Toast Recipe

12 large eggs, beaten well
1 teaspoon real vanilla
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 cup fat-free milk
1 large loaf of bread

Mix all the ingredients well.
The mixture should be bright yellow, creamy consistency.
Slice the bread, if not already sliced, 1/2 inch thick.
Spray the skillet with cooking spray and warm on medium heat.
When skillet is hot, dip one slice of bread in egg mixture,
coating both sides generously and lay in skillet.
Leave on each side for 1 minute or until golden brown.
Repeat until all the egg mixture or bread is gone.
** If there is egg mixture left, you can scramble the remaining or freeze it. 

Delicious...Should I video making this? 
What do you my makeshift kitchen...
in the craziness of my house lol...
Hugs, Rita


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