Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Time to...Celebrate Scrapbook Page Layout...

I have so loved these photos of my grandfather Israel Newell. When I think of him, I remember his mule and his banjo. There is a bit of humor in one of the photographs that didn't catch me until after I laid down the title. I had picked this kit in memory of celebrating a life/a memory of my grandfather, a cherish joy. However, my grandfather enjoyed drinking during a time of his life until my grandmother, a high spirited but quiet woman, Dissie, got word that he had been drinking, gathered their children and walked to where he was to bring him home. When he saw her and the kids, he never touched a bottle again. I don't know who took these photographs but Granddaddy is holding a whiskey bottle in the photograph on the right...I will smile not in mock when I look at this layout but in sweetness at the power of love, the power two people shared together and for their family and the power it had for change. Furthermore, although these photos were take many many years before I was born, those two things are in these photographs with him and I wanted to create a layout that I could add to a shadowbox and then bring other items into the shadowbox that reminded me of him as well as the vintage feel of the photographs and the paper kit I used from Close to My Heart. I took the original photographs and enlarged them to 5x7s and will place them in one large frame. I created this project while I was at Scrapping for a Cure on Saturday! Oh the fun we had...Check out my blog entry on Sunday to read more about that and to see the photos...You can come too from wherever you are...=)



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