Thursday, October 13, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Card Portfolio and 2 Thanksgiving Cards PLUS Girlfriend Time!!! =)

 Isn't this just fabulous!! I want to make more of these for the holidays to give as gifts! It will hold more cards but we made these two just for the portfolio theme and I must say they are perfect. Cheryl Arbo desgined this wonderful treasure and the cards within...I loved the whole class and we made the entire project in less than 3 hours!!

 This is the front of the portfolio and a photo can be inserted between the leaves and the November photo/journaling spot. During this class I used something I had never used before while placing my ribbon, score tape I believe it is called. It was a large roll and tore easily. I loved it!

 This was one of the cards we made. Three techniques that I loved about this card, first, Cheryl had us place the template back on the diecut and shade only the inside of the stamped area. Also, with the three color panels she had them laid in the embossing folder side by side so that all of them matched the pattern when placed on the card! I loved that! Finally, the button is made using by recycling a piece of cardboard from a know I was hooked at that point!!!

The other card used some neat techniques also that I had never used, one was the rock-n-roll affect on the stamp. The image is actually stamped three times using two colors and then an outline. Also, I loved the punched line down the side of the cork board so much that I went out in the store (Hobby Lobby) where the class was held and purchased it. Then there is the use of cork cool is that!!! I roughed up the edges of mine a bit...

I loved this whole project!!! I got a couple more kits to make for gifts. I can't wait to practice and then make some for the holidays! Fun...thanks, Cheryl and all my girlfriends for taking me away from all the work I have been doing! Loving it...



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