Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

I am so in love!!! With...Mosaic Scrapbooking!!!

 Grant it, this is my first ever attempt that I know of at mosaic scrapbooking layouts but I did this one at Saturday's Scrapping for a Cure during one of the class sessions and LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole process!  I think this is something you don't straddle the fence over, either you love it or hate it...I am in love!! I have gotten so many ideas already. These photographs were extras that I had of the Newell family from the Heritage Cookbook scrapbook I have been working on for some time and I wanted to use them for this project. After finishing this, I decided, it will go in a shadowbox and framed for my home! I need to add a title and maybe some stamping in various areas to bring the whole thing together but WOW!!!

Then we made flowers for the layout! Zipper flowers! I am no longer flower challenged!!! This one even has a bug friend on the end! I loved that...I am so excited about this whole project. My friend Judy just looked at me, like get a life, sister! Not really, she is quite supportive and encouraging, always. Here layout was so much more colorful and dramatic and more beautiful! I was so inspired to make more of these pages. So if you have the materials, the starter kit, the papers and are one of those that have fallen off the fence on the "other" side from loving it...please let me know...I will gladly give them a new home and love them forever...

Hugs, Rita


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