Monday, January 17, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Tag Creations...what fun!!

"southern dream" tag by Rita Hutcheson-Cobbbs
 I use the dust jacket from a book to make this tag and then scraps from my stash.
I love, love the key from K&Company as well as the handmade hat pin & vintage button.
 "shiny metals" tag by Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs
I covered this tag with a book page, added the chandelier rub-on which is absolutely beautiful
and then some bits and pieces from my stash. Love the Tim Hotlz gears & the simple fish hook.

"the queen of the south" tag by Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs
 Again, I used a portion of the dust jacket from a book that I am altering
and pieces for my stash. I love the crown, it fit perfect here and the wire holding the misc beading element onto the tag. Sweet...

"trusting" tag by Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs
 OMGosh, OMGosh! I love love this tag is paper I used to distress pieces for my latest mini album! Can you believe it! Glitter/Embossing/Distressing...I just wrapped this tag in it's love!
The day I made this tag, I needed trust in my spirit...this tag was my respite...

"black'n white" tag by Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs
All of this tag is recycled elements from my stash...
the polka dot foundation is from Prima packaing of blink.
the key and keyhole are cut from the meat trays you get at the grocer.
the lace/ribbon/embellishments are from my latest mini album.
the tab, my favorite punch ever, is from a coke can and then I curled the brad, a technique featured on one of my youtube videos.

I am having fun with tags! I just found out from my friend Mitzi that there is a die cut for this tag...
you know what is at the top of my wish list now LOL...
Remember2recycle+reuse+recreate=rockinawesomeness ~ RHC

Love, Blessings & {{{Hugs}}}
as we remember Martin Luther King Jr
and celebrate the difference he made as well as his contributions,
check out my photo gallery too.


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