Saturday, January 29, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Beaded Charms or Charming Beads....

"in the greens" St. Patrick's Day beaded charm

"golden greens" necklaces and earring sets with the "in the greens" St. Patrick's Day beaded charms

When I first discovered paper arts which was just a year ago, I had been beading to pass the time as I cared for my father before his passing. I love beading and the combination of colors. The charm is one of seven that I made on Sunday for a charm swap I am participating in over at thescrapbeach (five of the seven are for the swap). I used beading, finding, charms from my stash and still have the bead combination remaining, so I created three necklaces in different styles along with two sets of earrings. I had so much fun making these. I also divided up the remaining size six beads for goodies for the participants in my group and for the host. Playing it forward I think it is called. Rockin' Awesome sweet...

Love, Blessings, & {{{Hugs}}},
((btw, I was watching Laurel DeViney's live show on Sunday afternoon while making the charms when she called out my name as her featured artist of the day in her 31 day went was so funny and rockin' awesome that she picked me!! wow...thanks again, Laurel, I totally love you!))


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