Monday, July 18, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Scrapbooking with the New Center Girlfriends!!

I am working on the Heritage Cookbook...totally fun...

Beverly is working on a project for her "Little Sister"
at college...we can't show you, but it is FABULOUS!!!

Just PART of my stash I carry LOL...

Bobbie working on her Studio J...she does amazing layouts
on the computer using Studio J, then prints them off on 
paper and does her paper layouts...amazing layouts...

Sadly...ARGH...I didn't get good photos
of Sandy and Chelsea!! Both are great
scrapbook artist...I think Chelsea did like
14 or so pages....

More of my stash lol...

We have a great time and meet the 2nd Saturday of the month
at New Center Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
in Hartselle. It is totally free too!!
On this occasion, there was something going on at the church,
so we met at Bobbie's, she has a lot of stamps
and a great studio space...we were totally jealous lol...
Anyone is welcome to attend...we are not fancy
scrappiers, just love hanging out and having a good time...

Love, Blessings, & {{{Hugs}}},


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