Sunday, June 25, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Rockin' It Healthy with Weight Loss

Summer 2007 to Fall 2016

As I was looking for a photograph in my collection, I found a before and after photo of me. Most would notice the obvious, the weight loss. However, I noticed the smile. The facial difference from almost ten-years ago is tremendously different. Happiness. Joy.

Regardless what you are experiencing, going through, living, one thing I know without a shadow of doubt, I am living proof you can change your path to one plumb line with the Word. It's a choice, yours, mine. Taking what life brings isn't easy, especially when it's something out of your control, but what you do with it and how you handle it is in your control.

Living healthy, eating and exercise, is a choice too. When I began my journey in 2011, I only did one thing, I gave up sodas for thirty-days to see if I could do it. Then I took another step after that accomplishment, then another. I never said I wanted to lose fifty pounds or one-hundred; I started with five pound goals. Beginning at 450 pounds and today weighing in at 142, is an accomplishment, but what is bigger is maintaining it for the past two years.

Here are some simple tips for weight-loss newbies:

* Set small goals. For weight loss, set five pound goals rather than fifty to hundred pound losses.
* Have rewards for yourself when you hit big milestone weight losses that don't include food.
* New to exercise? Burdened by the experience? Walk to the door. Walk to the driveway. Walk to the mailbox. Then double it day or each week.
* Can't sleep at night? Go to the local all night department store, leave your wallet in the car, and walk the large open area of the store continuously. If someone says something to you, invite them to walk with you. Security will love checking the store while y'all walk.
* Journal, journal, journal every bite, lick, taste that goes in your mouith! BLT it! I preach this all the time! To this day, I take pictures I write it down. I log into two websites. Accountability.
* Take a before photo because you will wish you had!
* Pray, Praise and Prepare your mind by being in the Word. Keep a Gratitude Journal. Not a faith person, then let me show you how. This will get you through when you momma says, "One little bite won't hurt you." When your mother-in-law says, "Girl, you are looking this." Co-workers have that social with all that food you know looks better on their thighs than yours. Get your God on instead of gluttony. 

Hugs, Rita


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