Tuesday, June 27, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Mirror Selfies...OMyGoodess Y'all!

2010 to 2015

I apologize now! I have only shown this before and after photograph of my mirror selfie prior to losing weight to a few people. I have shown even less the photo of my "run" photograph because I never wear that little of clothing. I am grossed out by the before photo, I will be honest. I had not seen that photo until about a couple of years ago. I was overwhelmed by the reality of my weight. I took several before photos to keep me reminded of what I was about to do, the journey ahead. Weighing 450 pounds and starting my weight loss plan was a huge thing to accomplish. I had a huge fear of failure that has a depth of testimony you can't fathom. For me to succeed...no excuse you can offer can match one I could have used. I am living proof, you can succeed at anything.

People ask me for a daily menu, what I ate. They ask me for recipes to grocery lists. I am asked how I did it in various forms. I have all that written down, but I want to emphasize being active. I wasn't active when I started my journey and I hope that anyone starting this journey will do so. Walk to the mailbox if that is how you need to begin, but do it.

About August of 2012, someone said, "You need to get active." Being somewhat of an airhead, my core group of friends hate me saying that because labels of the past can keep you from reaching goals, especially this one...regardless, I never thought of getting active, so I was like, "I guess I do."
I had no idea what I wanted to do. My son, Garrett, was playing ball at the time and one of the players told me about a couch to 5k program. I had never done anything outside because I had severe Asthma, totally treated and gone with the weight I had lost, but, again, I wasn't thinking clearly. That night, I signed up for the session beginning a few weeks later. I woke the next morning and, I apologize Bro. Doug, but, I sat straight up in bed and yelled, "What the hell have I done!"
I had spent the money, so I went to the introduction class, got the outfit and fitted for shoes. I thought I was dying the first night and it was like one-eighth of a mile run or something. Seriously! Ten-weeks later, I ran the graduation race, a 5k, coming in like second for my age group or something like that. Now I'm running over thirty miles to date, road and trails, completing half and full marathons. 

Each year, I have set activity goals for myself. Here is an example, small and simple:
2012: Running 5k
2013: Running 10k 
2014: Trail Running
2015: Joining a gym (found out a local gym was hiring and so...) 
2016:  Half and Full Marathons (into 2017)
2017: Triathlon Training 
2018: Triathlon
2019:  Cycling

I look for activities that Garrett and I can do together. Keeping us both active is important to me as an individual and a mom. Weekly, we are active in Special Olympics with bowling, golf, swimming and seasonal sports. Doing things together, builds our relationship and a healthy lifestyle as a whole. There are a thousands excuses for not being active, but with Garrett's physical limitations and safety situations, we have learned ways to modify so that we can workout, run races, be active. 

Creativity sometimes make a huge difference even when it comes to schedules and time. 

Make the choice to change your lifestyle...
one step at a time. 

Hugs, Rita


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