Monday, June 26, 2017 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Fork Fluffy to Faith Focused

 Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs
October 2010 and Maybe 2015

Deciding to lose weight wasn't something I took lightly. I waited and prepared for over six-months. I made sure there was no medical reason I was overweight and got a second opinion. ((Rolling my eyes)) I probably got the second opinion hoping I had yet another excuse NOT to proceed with losing weight. However, there was no health reason other than the obvious...I was fork fluffy. My son, Garrett, says in a low whisper, "Momma was the "F" word, but I won't say it because it will hurt her feelings." Seriously it won't, but Garrett doesn't know any bad words nor will he call someone "fat". Garrett means "fluffy." 

Making the decision, any decision, is hard. I had to make the choice. I alone had to make the choice, I wanted to do it the healthiest way possible and really be focused on living healthy. When I have gotten to a point that I needed help, I get it...yes, even now. 

I went to a concert at my church and prior to the gentleman singing there was a question/answer time. One of the questions he was asked was if he took voice lessons. After forty-years in the business, he replied, "Of course! I even called my voice teacher before coming out here and asked her about a certain part I am singing tonight." We always need something tweaked and there is always someone more experienced who can help us. I have a personal trainer that I may not see often due to my schedule, but I see or talk to her. I weigh in every week. Someone checks my food journal. I see my family doctor for regular check-ups and get blood work.

There are things you need that will make 
the journey a bit easier:
* A blank notebook and pen. Divide the notebook into sections to record your weight and measurements, food intake, exercise journaling, gratitude list, notes. Accountability.
* Workout clothes. Shorts, leggins, shirt, socks, all moisture wick. For the girls, go to a top rated sporting goods store, preferably a running shop, get fitted for a sports bra! You want the sisters properly stabilized for workouts. For the guys, band-aids will be your best friend, pardon me, for your nipples or when you run, workout, they will chap and bleed, cover them (you will thank me later). 
* Shoes. Be fitted for great running shoes. "Oh, but I'm not going to run unless something is chasing me!" Well, let me tell y'all, regardless if I am working out, walking to yoga, running, walking or swinging my leg at coffee with friends,,,or if something is chasing me, I want happy feet! Take care of your feet and they will take care of you. Get fitted for tennis shoes at a specialty shop.
* Watches. I will be the first to tell you that I know nothing about fashion. My girlfriends and mentors furnish my closet and tell me what to wear. I don't like to shop and I don't know much about jewelry. However, I will say that having a great watch for the exercise experience may not be fashionable, but it is one thing I won't go without. I wear my running watch 24/7. It does my heart rate, sleep to my actual workouts. Accountability. 
* Calendar. Schedule time to get active from the beginning. Make sure everyone, from your family to your co-workers, know that these are the times you won't be available to them. Take your lunch hour or put the kids to bed an hour earlier. Workout as a family. My favorite gyms has a great childcare facility. I wish I had gotten active the day I started my journey. I just didn't think of it until almost two-years later ((SMH)).

One last bit of encouragement before signing off...

 Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Focus on the positive, speak truth, lift the smile,
love at all times. In Him you can do all things!

Hugs, Rita


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