Sunday, January 26, 2014 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Water ((Gulp))

Something happened this to me in the year 2000! I accepted a dare, a challenge of sorts. Her name was Renee, I think it was. I was in the hospital and this lady found out I had never drank coffee. She challenged me to try it, but not just a taste. She sat several cups in front of me with a variety of creamers, sweeteners and then two pots, decaf and regular. The rest is history. I have never turned back. Then last winter, we started running. I didn't notice it as much at first, but then this winter, it has become very frustrating.
My fingers from the middle knuckles to the tips were freezing, turning white. Then when I got warm again, they turned bright red before returning to normal. It didn't matter what I did, nothing helped. Finally, I posted a photo online of them as a "OMGosh! Check this out!" as I was posting my whereabouts on FourSquare. Someone came back to tell me that it was an actual problem that could get serious. WHAT? No... Well, it is true, it could.

I found out there is very little that can be done that I am not already doing, imagine that. Gluten-free diet, check. Cut out sodas, check. Plenty of sleep, check. Exercise, check. Then it said, eliminate caffeine. WHAT? No... yes. It seems that I am getting dehydrated, more so because of this condition, which is causing the circulation to not make it to my fingers and toes in colder temperatures. It is an auto-immune problem which is a sub-diagnoses of what I already have, Gluten Allergy. 

It was this week that I sat in my Weight Watchers meeting, right next to a dear lady who has become a sweet friend. When she shared her goal for this week, I almost choked. She simply said, "I'm going to give up coffee this week." I quickly replied, "You don't have to share; nobody is making you! So you might want to rethink this!" She was serious. Then I was confronted with this. Maybe it's time I took this seriously. So, today, I went 50/50. I went half decaf all day. I don't drink anything but coffee every chance I get. I use to drink water a lot!! I don't drink flavored coffees anymore because it got to hard to explain to a bistro how I loved my flavorings while still keeping it skinny, yes, that is term for coffee. 

So, I found this challenge on Pinterest and have accepted it...40 Days of Water! Although a bit of her focus is on a great project, she does give you a guide to get your daily living focus on drinking more water. Now, don't panic, it is a gluten-free site, however, it has some really great points focused specifically on read the following excerpt from the site and check out the rest of her 40 Day Challenge! Join me in this simplistic 40 Day Challenge and maybe you will move to water from something else...on January 1, 2011, I gave up sodas for 30 days, that was 283lbs's do this!

Hugs, Rita...

What are 5 ways GF folks can get more water into their daily routines?
  1. Carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times! If you have water in front of you, you will be more likely to drink it.
  2. Add fruit to your water to make it more fun. There are even special water bottles out that let you put fruit in the bottom so it will infuse the water as you drink it. (Check out these tasty infused beverages: Watermelon CoolerLemon Mint Water,Berry Lemonade, and Cucumber Water)
  3. Add some bubbles. Try sparkling water for a treat, just be sure to get a brand with no artificial sweeteners or flavors.
  4. Drink up first thing in the morning. As soon as you get out of bed, guzzle down a glass of cool water. Start the day hydrated!
  5. Set a reminder on your smart phone. Every time the alarm goes off, drink a glass of water!


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