Tuesday, October 5, 2010 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Making my own FRED, Moving the Studio, & Some Exciting News...

I know this may not be the most amazing photo and background, but I was way to excited to show you this adorable inexpensive way of preparing my layouts PLUS it's hot pink! I saw someone using a tool called a FRED but when I checked into getting one, the cost was around $100. I found all of these items in my studio waiting to go up on the wall, adding a little hardware and a stand, total cost for me? No more than a cost of $15! Pretty impressive especially for me putting it together. This tool is easy on my arms, shoulders and ever pressure point Fibromyalgia can throw at me on any given day! It's not a total miracle but it will make scrapbooking easier for me and saved a few dollars too. =)

If you have seen my youtube videos of my studio spaces, the one unattached to the house and the annex station, I finally had to move the annex station along with much of my studio to our living room. The location is perfect for being closer to our son Garrett who has special health care needs. However, the video/streaming live and other station will remain in the annex portion for a quieter location for technological work. The living room is just the transition until the 28x18 studio in the new addition to our home is completed. This way I can teach classes in my home, have access to materials and supplies that I will need and still be available to Garrett.

Love, Blessings, and {{{Hugs}}},



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