Friday, October 8, 2010 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

My creation for Breast Cancer Awareness...

In 1980, a sixteen year old girl felt something in her left breast that didn't look right. After seeing that it was an obvious knot, she told her mother and her mother's best friend. They took her to a doctor that led to tests and a biopsy. Fortunately, the knot was fibrocystic. Imagine how difficult it was to tell the guy you were dating that you were being tested for breast cancer. Imagine the emotions that went with that. I would know because I was that girl. The guy showed up for the biopsy to be there with me and is still with me 30 yrs later. Not everyone is as lucky as I was. Many have fought the battle of breast cancer and won while many didn't have a chance to fight.

It is important to self-check and there is free information to do this. Many within our families are hit with this disease. 

Today, we have the gift of reminder and knowledge via the internet, friends and family openly talking about breast cancer. Wearing pink is a symbol of remembrance of the heroes that have gone before us paving the way for more research as well as representing ourselves or someone we know that has had the dreaded disease. 

In the past year, Facebook participants have taken this reminder to a level of creativity by asking one word answers to "what color bra are you wearing today" to "where is your favorite place to leave your purse."  Clearly for me some 30 years later, I self-check and have regular mammograms, but it is these reminders that help me do so. When I saw the mention of the purse on Facebook Monday, the purse stuck in my head. So when I moved on to other things, it was my actual purse that reminded me to call and schedule my mammogram. 

 An artist that I watch streaming live has a wonderful tool on his website called Boobies Wednesday. It was with that reminder that I created these art journals for October's Breast Cancer Awareness emphasis. It isn't meant to be distracting but a creative artistic reminder that self-check and yearly exams are important from your head to the top of your head, know your body and let your doctor decide if something that concerns you is something to really worry about.

My father lost his leg to cancer after fighting the battle four different times. Death came, but it wasn't cancer that took his life. He fought the fight. I am a fighter too, won't you join me as we represent breast cancer awareness this month, it's not just a disease for women, but of men too. Self-check.

One like these art journals/notebooks were created for someone that wishes to journal their steps into treatments for breast cancer. She wants to see the miracle unfold on paper. It is her story to share that I wish never had to be told. Through women and men like her, we have tomorrow before us.

Now, where did I put my purse?

Love, Blessings, & {{{Hugs}}},


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