Thursday, December 6, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Stocking Stuffers and Celebrating Christmas...

As I was looking over my holiday list, I thought back to a conversation with a friend I had  on Friday night about how we would be celebrating Christmas in the coming years. Then I looked at my list for this year and wanted to bring it to an end hopefully this week. I thought about Christmas stocking stuffers and how I could make them useful to each person. Some ideas for our boys, now men and then my mother, made consider what could I add they would really enjoy. Here are some ideas...with a super easy way to do all your shopping at the here we go...

handmade items
lip balm or lip gloss
bag of cotton balls and qtips
makeup sponges (I use these in art)
makeup brushes and beauty tools
nail clippers and nail file
umbrella or even two
$5 gift cards to Starbucks, Taco Bell, Subway or any $1 menu restaurant
nail polish and nail polish remover
body wash and scrubby (saw one in camouflage design lol)
hand lotion and cotton gloves
slipper socks and feet lotion
gloves and scarf
$2 alarm clock
coloring book and box of colors
chalk and mini chalk board paint
bubble bath and salts
roll of quarters
playing cards
golf balls
fishing hooks
Hot Wheel/Matchbox Cars
Bic Pens
Sharpe Markers
magic markers (washable)
tea bags
hot chocolate mix
disposable camera
digital camera
headphones or earbuds
travel mug
coffee mug
stationary and holiday cards
post it notes
favorite magazine
magazine subscription
hand sanitizer
book light or flash light
pencil and small drawing tablet
paint brush and water color paints
water crayons and paper
school supplies
craft supplies or gift certificate to classes
personalized ornament
itunes gift card
holiday music CD
ball and jacks
change purse
picture frame
key chain
thumb drive
comic books
flower seeds
small cookbooks
book of poems
hand written note
set of handmade cards
hand mirror or compact
contact or glasses case
movie or concert tickets
shoe laces
bobby pins and pony tail holders
hair bows and hair clips
brush and comb
shampoo and conditioner
stay-in spray conditioner
gel and hairspray
handmade bar of soap and container
beginning felt needle and a small bag of fiber
cross stitch kit for beginners
package of microwave popcorn
eye mask
shower cap
rain cap (the old fashion kind)
crochet doily
small birdhouse or bird feeder
homemade doggy biscuit
baking spices
measuring cups and measuring spoons
festive kitchen timers and salt/pepper shakers
thimbles from locals
45lps of music from the year they were born
cake pop kit
favorite themed books
water bottle
toothbrush and toothpaste
soup mug and can of soup
lunch bag and lunch kit
jewelry cleaning
glasses repair kit
glasses cleaning cloths 
donate in honor of or in memory of
...and the list goes on...

Happy stocking stuffing...
Remember, there are many who won't have a lot
for the holidays. Consider giving a collection of these items
to children in a school near your home. It will change their
life and yours...

Hugs, Rita


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