Friday, November 9, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

A time for tapping of hooks and the warmth of fiber...

 The sound of my hook tapping my nails or the occasional bump of a ring and the warmth of the fiber is absolutely perfect on a chilly winter day. Of course, I have a nice warm latte to finish the job as I work the morning away making these delicious cloths that can be used for dishes, faces or bodies. The choice will be for the one using or giving them. I just enjoy making them. =)

The finish set is to complete an order a friend of mine placed for her grandmother. I had originally made the black cloths for our son's bathroom and the rich blue for our master bathroom. However, the two colors together are fabulous and happy. I simply love it! I plan to make bright yellow and black for the utility room and then maybe a jadeite green for the kitchen when it is rebuilt...that is undecided since I don't have it yet lol. The utility room is our makeshift kitchen and is working great thus far, however, I can make the fun cutsy cloths if not for me then for someone special.

Like the woven fibers of the crochet cloth, life can be woven into strains of hope and positive treasures of love and encouragement. It is in the choices we make and the things we say that create those moments of opportunity. As I stitch, as I run, as I drive or as I chop vegetables for a hearty soup, I think about my family, my neighbors, those I have met in the course of the week, I say a prayer of blessing, a thought of encouragement in hopes that the path they are walking is just a bit easier for them in the hours and day ahead. What are you stitching in this fiber of life?

Hugs, Rita


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