Saturday, November 10, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Granny Square Stitched Crochet Scarf...Pretty in Purple...

 I am pretty sad about this scarf. I started it, worked it up. Didn't write down how I did it. So, I have stared another one and ((happy dance)) know exactly how I did it!! PLUS, I even made another one slightly different that I used bulky baby yarn to make...I will show you that one later...for now...

 This one is angelic soft in beautiful purple fiber. The stitch is granny square, double crochet, chain stitch and single crochet. I used an H hook to make this one.

 With the design there was no need to trim out the scarf for it made the granny square edging squared off as I did each row. I was very pleased with the flow of the piece and the rounded corners at the end of the project.


I made this scarf for our cousin Georgia Cobbs, who was going to be in Birmingham for a conference, I knew I wanted to do something special for her. This fiber spoke to me as did the idea of the stitch because the color brought out the idea of richness of our bond of interest, of love. The fiber stitched together brings to mind that we are family and of friendship but more so of the spaces of uniqueness and independence. Then there is the scarf length representing the miles the stretch between us yet still link us together because of social networks and most of all our spirits.

Hugs, Rita


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