Thursday, June 28, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Baby Crochet Poncho...

My newest craze...crochet ponchos, baby style!!

I have made several adult size ponchos, see this one and this one
but this is my first (of many to come) for babies. This is for a 24 month old.

Granny square crochet, then the edging and collar, while adding adorable flowers to the edging.

The collar was simple to create...

The flowers added an adorable touch. I tied them on with bits of yarn.

The lacy edging completed the project.

The pattern came from this book...

and this face was what made me want to make this poncho.
The next one?
Well, I have already made some and, you guessed it, I have changed the pattern. 
I found a better way, a cuter edging while completing the precious elements for
this adorable blend of colors, stitches and uniqueness. 

Happy crocheting, Hugs, Rita


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