Saturday, June 30, 2012 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

The Harvest is Plenty...

 The fun has begun! The salads are filled with lettuce from the upside down buckets and tiny tomatoes from both the tomatoes out of the other end and the recycled tire beds. I have sauteed some of them in various recipes as well. It is soooo refreshing to enjoy fresh vegetables after not being where we can have a garden during the past several years!!

 I have an abundance of a variety of peppers in both hot and sweet. The bell peppers are so delicious. I can just eat them off the vine as one would an apple. I will chopped some up and put them in the freezer for the winter months to add to soups and vegetable dishes. The banana peppers and other hot peppers that are coming in, I will make hot sauces and chop as well for the freezer.

With the peppers in this raised bed, I planted a variety of tomatoes that are just now turning. Some are black tomatoes and some are yellow. I have romas and big boy variety. The fresh tomatoes are so amazingly delicious so much so that I filled this bucket with peppers and the tiny tomatoes that I went in the house to get another bucket and Madison, my sweet girlfriend that visits during the day, ate the remaining tiny tomatoes off the vine before I could get back. =) It was all good because they are soooo good for her. Then we started picking the blueberries...delicious...sweet right of the vine as well. Pears are growing and coming in well too. Such an exciting time of the year...Summertime...a great time to refresh, renew and give yourself a chance to grow something within and without a new.

Hugs, Rita


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