Saturday, November 19, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Quilted Ball Ornaments with No Sewing Required! Believe it!!!

During a resent Craft and Conversation Night at First Baptist, Huntsville, I took two classes and one of them was for a quilted ornament that required NO sewing! I had to take this class just to see it to believe it so to speak...sure enough, the teacher was right. No sewing required. I used a thimble and a what seemed like a thousand stick pins! Each piece of fabric was cut to a 3" square and I simply folded each one and pinned it. I will have to do a tutorial on the step-by-step process because it is easy once you get the first one done. It takes about two hours to complete the project but I image once you get the hang of making them it will move much faster. I love them and plan to make more for memory baskets and bowls. What a great way to use all those scraps of fabric!! Loving it...

Hugs, Rita


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