Sunday, November 6, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Introducing my newest collection, Madison Bows!!

 I haven't made bows before, but when my friend Dee asked me about making some for her daughter, Madison, I couldn't say, "No!"

 I replied that I would most certainly give it a try. Little did I know that life would happen and it would be several months after she gave me samples of what she wanted before I would actually get them made...

When I would see her, I would explain why I hadn' t got to making the bows just yet and she would say something like, "Oh, I understand that an artist has to have the mojo and inspiration to be creative." OMGosh, did I feel! "No, not really, I would think"...just life happens lol.

Life indeed does happen and just like this experience, timing is the ultimate.

I took a class with my friend Beth who brought in a teacher for this bow and those following. I have since made several in various fibers and ribbons and love them all. 

 This one reminds me of the bells of life chiming with happiness and pleasure that my life of "hoarding" in the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental is over. I am refreshed and renewed, ready for the newness of the day and the morrow.

 In my hoarding supplies I found tons of the clips. Now I don't have to go buy any for this project. I have buttons on hand that work perfectly. Now, ribbon may be a must purchase. We shall see about that though...

 The jury is still reviewing the headbands...I want to play with them some more before I introduce them to my friend Dee and Madison. Imagining several designs and drawing them out to see what Madison Bows will feature over the holidays and spring is so much fun. I love bringing fabric and fiber together while adding bling and glitter into the picture. At any age, they are all such fun...

Colors are everything and earth tones are mine. All the bows can be changed to a brooch in a blink of an eye and would be perfect for any event. I am in love with this new adventure of Madison Bows and can't wait to see where this path leads. Thank you for sharing this with me is sooo much fun to make them. Having all boys, I have never made a bow in my life so making these I can do so for any girl or for myself but then I thought of all the paper arts I do and these would look great on any mini scrapbook album I make! =)

Hugs, Rita


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