Friday, November 18, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Customized Holiday Plates!!

 Aren't these absolutely beautiful!! I am obviously behind in sharing because just over a week ago I took two classes at First Baptist, Huntsville's Crafting and Conversation Night and this was one of the amazing classes I took. I wanted to recreate these plates for our Special Ministries Sunday School class at some point so they could make them for their families ((shhhhh don't tell anyone just in case they do make them)). I fell in love with the fabric covered glass dinner plates! Of course, who doesn't love the messiness of decoupage?! Hello! I do!!!
I have to touch up the edges when I get a chance but still they are absolutely perfect to add cookies too and deliver to a neighbor or give to that hard to fit family member. Then I thought of any time of the year to create a beautiful table decor. The plates may not be washable I don't know but to create a themed table top would outweigh the cleaning process and with enough decoupage, you can wash it I bet, just thinking ahead. Regardless, I am thinking as I type, just imagining how shabby chic my house will look now with all the bits and pieces of fabric throughout the year and if I don't like it, I can just change the fabric. Goo Gone works great as does soap and water. So, holidays here I come with so much mo-jo and creative inspiration that even Santa Clause is sick of listening to me =). How fun everyday life is with me. Art is just amazing and you don't even have to be creative to have an imagination. =) just saying...If you don't think you have an artistic thumb, come sit by me, I will share.



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