Friday, September 10, 2010 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

What I have been up to this week & a Mailbag Haul from Cathy...

I am just so excited about the creativity spirit that has been flowing this week! I have completed several unfinished projects, created some new items as well as scrapbooked 18 pages!! Someone gently warned me, "don't get burned out", I could see how that might happen but to be truthful, I have had videos that needed editing and posted as well as some projects that needed to be completed and that is what you will find on my youtube channel and a couple of them featured here. =)  So, I have had so much fun and want to share them with you.

Starting with the photo above, this is a recycled screw/bolt plastic container. It took a week to make, allowing each element to thoroughly dry before starting on the next area. It was a simple design with elegant embellishments to be used on a key chain or wearing as a pendant. My son brings home packaging they no longer use a work or throw away as a challenge to me. This one was the most fun for me. Loved how it turned out.

A bus mini album that would be great as "a teacher's gift", someone commented on my video, as a travel book, or as a mom's taxi/van mini album. Regardless, it is a recycled children's book that was chewed on and damaged. I refurbished it into an adorable mini album with working wheels.

I apologize for the side view of this mini album, but I don't know how to rotate the photo in my blog feature BUT I was way to excited to go fix it in another software...I wanted to share how I recycled a candy box into a container for a mini album! You can see the pages on my youtube channel listed as "Sugartwist". Fun and again, functional when it could have been in the trash.  What fun I had making this mini album.

My sweet friend SPatches, Cathy, sent me a mailbag goody that just made me smile! Everyone knows how much I love my CrockPots who are affectionately called "The Slutty Sisters Pimping Food".  Within 5 minutes, I already had 7 recipes flagged with stick notes that I plan to make this week. Cathy has sent me some of the many scraps and Silhouette die cuts that I have used on many of my projects over the past few weeks. Thanks, Ms Cathy, I will treasure this have no doubt.

It is such fun to reuse, recycle, and recreate. I love finding ways to do this especially after saying LIVE on my ustream show that I wouldn't buy any art supplies but adhesive until my birthday, that is 169 days until my birthday LOL. So far, so good...I am finding the challenge not only fulfilling but also doable. What will I create next, maybe a clean house and yard, or maybe not. =)

Love, Blesssings, & {{{Hugs}}},


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